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Flame is a character that appeared in Skip and Sqak Rangers. He is a red dragonfly who can breathe fire and serves as a member of the WASP Team. Just like Croco, Flame is more adventurous who enjoys going on dangerous missions.


Flame can spit flames at enemies to make them run on fire. He can also glide to move faster, but he can't fly. He can charge into enemies while gliding. He can slash foes with his fists in close combat. When his energy is full, he can start a Torch-Nado (A tornado of fire) and burn every foe in his path.


Flame is alot more outgoing like his friends, but when he's alone he spends alot of his time flying in the sky trying to be the "fastest bug alive". He and Croco have alot in common, as they both enjoy action and hate school. Like Croco, who shouts "Hoo-Hoo-HOO!", Flame shouts "Hee-Hee-HAA!".

Flame enjoys eating mexican food such as tacos, nachos and even wraps.

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