FTV Sport
Type of Company TV Company
Founder(s) Clyde1998 (tbc)
Founded at/in 2009
Owner(s) Clyde1998 (tbc)
No. of Employee(s) Clyde1998 (tbc)
Parent Company Flame TV

FTV Sports (sometimes branded as FTV Sports HD) is the sports division of Flame TV, they are founded and owned by Clyde1998 (tbc).


FTV Sports came out of FTV - broacasting on FTV1. They created many TV channels including FTV Sports 1, FTV Sports Football 1 and FTV Sports News.

FTV brought out a Radio Channel and a 3D channel.


FTV Sports 1 & HD1

FTV Sports 1 is the flagship channel for FTV Sports. It shows most of the main sporting events, including events from Fantendo like the Fantendo Football League and Fantendo Basketball Association. They also show events from England - like the Premier League - Scotland - like the Scottish Premier League and the USA like The Super Bowl.

FTV Sports 2 & HD2

FTV Sports 2 is the second channel in the FTV Sports range. They show the main European Sports and Champions League action - that is not on it's sister channel FTV Sports 1.

FTV Sports 3 & HD3

FTV Sports 3 is the third main channel run by FTV Sports. It shows highlights of games, but mainly live sporting events. They sometimes show classic sporting moments.

FTV Sports 4 & HD4

FTV Sports 4 is the fourth FTV Sports channel. It shows full highlights of sporting events shown on the other three channels.

FTV Sports 5 & HD5

FTV Sports 5 is the fifth FTV Sports Channel. It shows full highlights of sporting events shown on the other three channels - like FTV Sports 4.

FTV Sports Xtra & HDX

FTV Sports Xtra is the only freeview channel, bar FTV Sports News, run by FTV Sports. It shows some live games, but mostly highlights.

FTV Sports UK

FTV Sports UK (also known as FTV Sports Britain) is a United Kingdom-only channel, broadcast by FTV Sports. It shows mainly UK sports - as well as the Great British Olympic team.

FTV Sports Europe

FTV Sports Europe is a European Sports channel broadcast by FTV Sports. They shown European sports - some live and some highlights. From 12 midnight to 7 a.m. - they show European sports news.

FTV Sports Football 1 & HD1

FTV Sports Football 1 (also known as FTV Football 1) is the flagship channel for Football, on FTV Sports. They'll show Fantendo Football League matches here if there is another main sporting event on FTV Sports 1 - like the FIFA World Cup, The Ashes and the Rugby World Cup.

FTV Sports Football 2 & HD2

FTV Sports Football 2 (also known as FTV Football 2) is the second Football channel run by FTV Sports. They show highlights of Fantendo Football League, World Cup, Premier League, Football League, Scottish Premier League and many more.

FTV Sports News (HD)

FTV Sports News is a 24-hour sports news channel, run by FTV Sports. It's the only rival is Sky Sports News. They show mostly Football, but show sports including Cricket, Rugby and Formula 1. It appears on Freeview.

FTV Sports Radio

FTV Sports Radio is to be released on Freeview and on the FTV Sports website and will be part of the Flame Radio branch of Flame Inc.. It's main Rivals include BBC Radio 5 Live (and BBC Radio 5 Live Sports Extra), TalkSport and Sky Sports News Radio.

FTV Sports Classic

FTV Sports Classic is a sports history channel, run by FTV Sports. It shows sports from at least one year before.

FTV Sports 3D

FTV Sports 3D is the only 3D channel FTV has to offer, at this time. They show the major sporting events - and does not have 24-hour programming.

FTV Sports Fantendo (HD)

FTV Sports Fantendo was created following the third season of the Fantendo Football League. It will show the live matches in division one, as well as the highlights of every game in both divisions. It will show FTV's Fantendo Football League Cup matches, too.


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