Union Unten
FTV News
Type of Company TV Company
Founder(s) Clyde1998 (tbc)
Founded at/in 2009
Defunct at/in N/A
Owner(s) Clyde1998 (tbc)
No. of Employee(s) TBA
Predecessor none.
Successor none.
Parent Company Flame TV
Subsidiaries FTV News Local

Flame Television News (branded as FTV News, or Flame News) is the news station of Flame TV. They have a 24-hour channel, that's also in HD. They also have updates on FTV1, and FTV2 with local news included. They were founded by Clyde1998 (tbc). They work, closely, with FTV Sports News. They are rivals with BBC News, ITV News and Sky News. They are planning a local news channel - FTV News Local. The other regions channels will be able to be watched online. In 2010, they had a HD-simulcast of FTV News, following the release of Sky News HD.

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