This is the list of all the O.I.B.s that FlameKing Enterprises has, and ones that will take place in the future. O.I.B. stands for Online Information Blog.


Logo Date Revealed Games & News
OIBLOGO July 2nd, 2015 Introduction to O.I.B.s, and how they will work. The Nintendo Go is introduced, along with Super Mario Sunshine Go, Hunting Trip, and Mario Kart Go. Pokemon Sparkle Version is given a new Grass Type Starter, Lizabud, and more Pokemon are introduced. The region is renamed Sondar, is given Advanced Badges, and other cool things. The Nintendo Advance was also introduced, along with it's controlers. It's introduced alongside Fire Emblem Coliseum, Super Mario Techno, and Animal Crossing: Your World. Sonic Time will be on Xbox One, PS4, and Wii U alongside the Nintendo Advance. Users can also have the game be on their system if they want to.
OIBLOGO August 29th, 2015 Mario Party Fun was introduced, alongside it's main story, default characters, and boards, along with a new gimmick. Pokemon RaggingRed & SurgingBlue Versions will start being developed when Pokemon Sparkle Version is done, and will act as remakes of Pokemon Red & Blue Versions. The Legend of Zelda: Hero of Time was revealed to be for the Nintendo Advance, and will have a great balance between World Exploration & Story. Super Mario Magic was also confirmed for the Nintendo Go & Nintendo Advance, and has a more interesting Art Style than past Mario Games. The Koopalings will be helping Mario defeat Bowser this time. Finally, an original series, titled "The Berres" was introduced, along with it's interesting concept and storyline.
OIBChristmasLogo December 14th-25th, 2015 It was canceled half-way through. But, Super Mario Maker + was introduced, along with Mario & Sonic at the PyeongChang 2018 Olympic Winter Games, Kid Icarus Legends, and Pokemon the Series: XY & Z Mega Journeys (which was canceled). The Map for The Legend of Zelda: The Demon's Curse was shown, along with six new amiibo for the Mario Series Line, and Paper Mario: Crayon Creation had more information revealed (but has now been canceled due to Paper Mario: Color Splash basically having the same plot line).
OIBLOGO June 22nd, 2016 FlameKing reveals his time schedule for Fantendo, along with some new info for Sonic Time. He reveals that the Nintendo Advance will be renamed to the Wii Z to simplify things. 10 Wishes is a new IP being created for the console, along with The Legend of Zelda: The Demon's Curse. New Super Mario Land is going to be a new platformer featuring two Marios. Barblados, Shellade, and Humbarine was revealed for Pokemon Sparkle version as new Pokemon, and a new movie Empraking and the Special Kingdom will be made to promote the game.

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