Flame, Fandemonium

Flame, in his usual appearance
Full Name Flame
Current Age 21
Gender Male
Class Anti-hero, Villain
Family and Relations
"Macca" (brother)
Ability/ies Power
First Appearance Clyde: Back to Scotland

Flame is an English character who made his first appearance in the Clyde series. He is the primary antagonist in every installment of the series, and is a general in the English Army.
Flame is developed into a more sympathetic character in Fandemonium, before leaving the series in episode 24. He then becomes one of the protagonists in Hark & Flame, though he remains a dark character.


Flame is, much like his arch-rival Clyde, is patriotic and rather honorable, though he is portrayed as evil for unknown reasons.


Clyde (series)

Flame is the main villain in the Clyde (series). He runs the English Army.

Fan TV

Fantendo Sports Show, Episode 3

He is one Clyde's guests in Episode 3 of the Fantendo Sports Show. His lap time and crossbar challenge results haven't been confirmed.


He appearers as on of the contestants on Fandemonium.
In Episode 24, Flame leaves Fandemonium along with Hark.

Hark & Flame

Flame is a protagonist in the series. In the first episode, his superiors are manipulated by the Fandemonium Producers into firing him from his post as one of the leaders of the English army.
Due to various games and stories set after Hark & Flame featuring him as a leader of the English Army, it is likely that he will eventually regain his post.