Kirby fiocco

Flake Kirby in Kirby Smash Bros

Flake Kirby is a very similar transformation in Magic, Throw or Spear. The transformation allows Kirby to wrap with a ribbon (Magic) and throw it against an enemy is another enemy (Launch). The similarity Spear was created by Dee Faun using the transformations at the same time!


Meta Star

In this game is the transformation of Faun Dee together to Spear, but uses them simultaneously. This transformation is achieved if one seeks a Fambum, beating Geno or Faun Dee.

Kirby Smash Bros

In this game transformations are all playable characters.


  • Hold B: Avvoltate

Let B: Launch

  • B: Kirby
  • In: Jump
  • A and up: Jump screwed flake
  • Y: Double Bows
  • X: Just Flakes
  • A, X, Select, B and Y: Storm flakes


  • Looks a lot like Geno Kirby, but changes his powers.

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