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Fortress Battleground

Fortress Battleground Map

Flag of Power is a King of the Hill inspired game mode in Fortress Battleground in the middle of the map. The player, playing as a Toad or a Kong can raise the flag in the middle of the map. Once the flag is raised, a big ring will appear. More Coming Soon"

List of Waves


  • Toad Attack!
  • Nurse Attack! (NURSES! Emergency!)
  • Soldier Toad Attack! (SOLDIER Toads! Move out!)
  • Spiky Attack! (Time for some SPIKIES.)
  • Bagger Attack! (Show 'em who's boss BAGGERS!)
  • Sorceress Attack! (It's spell time, SORCERESSES!)
  • Colonel Attack! (Give no mercy COLONELS!)
  • Future Toad Attack! (Spin out FUTURE TOADS!)
  • Boss Attack! (Good luck, my precious BOSS WAVE!)
  • Endless Wave! (Oh my! You took out everyone! I think it's time for an ENDLESS WAVE!)


  • Kong Attack!
  • Pirate Attack! (My PIRATE Kongs will make you suffer!)
  • Science Attack! (SCIENCE will make your brain explode!)
  • Engineer Attack! (My ENGINEERS shall take care of you.)
  • All-Star Attack! (ALL-STARS! Destroy them!)
  • Solider Kong Attack! (Unleash the Kong SOILDERS!)
  • Super Attack! (It's time to shine, SUPER APES!)
  • Imp Kong Attack! (Send out the IMP KONGS!)
  • Boss Attack! (That does it! It's time for a BOSS WAVE!)
  • Endless Wave! (Alright... You win... We give up.... GOTCHA! ENDLESS MODE ENGAGE!)

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