Fjord Studios
Fjord Studios
Fjord Studios' current logo.
Type of Company Game Developer
Founder(s) Octoling
Founded at/in August 2nd, 2015
Headquarters Oslo, Norway
Owner(s) Octoling
No. of Employee(s) 1
Fate Active
Fjord Studios is software and hardware gaming company founded by Octoling (tbc). It sprung onto the video game sofware scene with its title Animal Crossing: Exotic Paradise. To date the company has began two projects and has more in the pipeline.

Fjord Exhibitations

Much like Nintendo Directs, Fjord Studios has its own conference show that it uses regularly to announce new projects and give information on existing ones. This is mainly limited to major announcements, such as a large or unique project. The first one has been confirmed for Spring 2016.


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