Game-Cabinets Felix-610x382

Arcade Machine and Picture of Gameplay

Fix-it-Felix JR. is an arcade game by Clover Entertainment. It is an attempt to promote the upcoming film, Wreck-it-Ralph, and give gamers the ability to play the actual game. Disney contributed to making the arcade machine. It will be released in arcades everywhere November 3, the same day as the film. It is intended to give it an 80's arcade feel by having it be pixelated and 8-bit.


In the game, you have to play as Fix-It-Felix and fix destruction that Ralph causes to the city. Each level consists of a different building. It gets harder with each level and building you fix. Avoid Ralph's attacks when he throws pieces of brick and debris at you. You can even use a golden hammer and throw it at Ralph to temporarily stun him. There are 16 levels for the player to complete to make it as addicting as possible.


Wreck it Ralph

The Sprite for Wreck-it-Ralph

Fix it Felix Sprite

Fix it Felix's sprite


Joystick = Move Felix

Red Button = Fix

Blue Button = Jump

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