Before ya start readin', this is not to be taken seriously. It's just written as a parody on various Five Nights at <insert character here> fangames.

Also, please, no "REALLY ? FNAF AGAIN ?". As i said, this is just a parody.

Five Nights at Sonic's is a 2016 survival horror game created by fan game creator HDGBFGTED. It's released for Microsoft Windows and got mixed reception from critics.


Once upon a day, Sonic and friends enigmatically dissapear, only Knuckles remaining. Nothing was ever found of them. Ever.

Years later, Eggman claimed to feel guilty about his plans. He decided to open up an amusement park, Eggmanland, with Sonic-themed robots used as attraction in honour to the blue blur and friends. In homage of his friends, Knuckles decides to work there as night guard. 

After Night 5, Knuckles tells Eggrobo, the Phone Guy, that he heard cries of help coming out of the suits. Calling the police, Knuckles opens up the suits, revealing Sonic and co. - Eggman captured them and trapped the gang in his robots, while opening up a theme park to hide it. And when the time came, he would have performed a putsch. Eggman is arrested and Knuckles is awarded the medal of "Hero of the Year" for his heroic deeds.



Use these to check where the animatronics are, and to wind up the Shade Box. It consumes power, though, so use it wisely.


Starts at 100%; for each mechanic used, it drops down. If it hits 0%, the park's electricity is shut down, and you are left to be killed by the one inhabiting the Shade Box... Who it is ? You'll find out soon enough...


There are two doors on your sides. They can be closed to fend off animatronics, but consume powers as long as they are kept shut.


Can have various uses, one of which is illuminating dark places. It consumes power.


This music... sound... thingy thingy thingy can be used to lure animatronics to other rooms. Some will ignore it, others will attack as a result.

Shade Box

Charge this thing every now and then... or face imminent death.



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