Five Nights at Rocky's
Developer(s) Electro Aiva Koopa Studios
Publisher(s) Alex Ember Koopa 09
Platform(s) Windows/Android/iOS
Release Date(s)
TBA 2015
Single Player, Multiplayer, Night 6 (unlocked after beating Night 5), The Secret Night (unlocked after Night 6)
Genre(s) Point-and-click, Horror

Five Nights at Rocky's is an FNAF game from Fantendo that will take place in 2002. There are 5 animatronics in the game.


After Freddy Fazbear's Pizza closed its doors, a new place called "Rocky Raccoon's Taco Parlor" opened in 1999. When they needed someone as a security guard for the night, Peter Adams (who you play as) gets hired.


You play as Peter Adams as a night guard. You flip through cameras to see if Rocky and his friends moved around. There are 2 doors, one in front of you and one on your right, a light button on your right, a flashlight for the door in the middle and in cameras. and 2 door buttons. Cameras, the light button, and doors run on power. Your flashlight drains every time you use it.


There are a total of 5 animatronics in the game. 4 of them are the main ones and 1 of them is an easter egg. Here are the animatronics:

Name Starting Area Description
Rocky Raccoon Rocky Band Stage The mascot of Rocky Raccon's Taco Parlor. He becomes active on Night 3. He is the smart one and he is very kid friendly.
Carl the Cat Rocky's Band Stage The drummer of the Rocky Band. He is the most active and the tallest. He is the creepiest animatronic.
Gabi the Goose Rocky's Band Stage The back up singer of the Rocky Band. She is the only girl. She is the shortest and she wears a skirt and a bib that says, "BIRTHDAY TIME".
Willie the Wolf Viking Yard The only animatronic that starts at Viking Yard. He is the most beloved, but he went into disrepair.
Amber Rocky Unknown The only Easter egg animatronic. He is a hallucination and he is rarely seen.


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  • Jason Jarwolf was suppose to be in the game, but he is going to added in Five Nights at Rocky's 2.