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Five Nights at Mario's
The game's "Title Screen"
Developer(s) Shooting Star Studios
Publisher(s) Logo
Platform(s) Windows/Android/iOS
Nintendo 3DS
Wii U
Release Date(s)
TBA 2015
Single Player
Genre(s) Point-and-click

Five Nights at Mario's is a point-and-click survival horror game being developed by Shooting Star Studios. The game is supposed to be an alternate version of the Five Nights at Freddy's games, featuring Mario humanoid robots, taking place in the Mushroom Kingdom and having a different theme. The game is going to be released for PC, and Android and will be available for digital purchase at Nintendo eShop in the Nintendo 3DS and Wii U, respectively.


"Hello and welcome to Princess Peach's Castle Museum! So many years have passed since our beloved heroes died, but their honor and legacy will prevail. This museum was made for the people of the Mushroom Kingdom to see different objects and other stuff the heroes used in their adventures. Paintings, rewards, everything in the history of the Mario Brothers can be seen in this museum. And for the children, we have included humanoid robotic versions of the heroes themselves!

So, your work as a night security guard is to protect the museum from any thief or stuff like that, and make sure nothing goes wrong. Also... be careful with those robots, in the day they act normally, but in the night they might give you a surprise...."


Since it's based off of Five Nights at Freddy's, the gameplay is quite similar. However, this time around, the security guard works at Princess Peach's Museum, the place that used to be Peach's castle and turned into a big museum where the history of the Mario Bros. adventures can be seen. The main problem is the haunted robots that have the appearance of the heroes, they start a night roaming mode and try to reach your office to kill you for some reason. To survive a night, you have a little screen where you are able to switch between the castle's cameras and check what is going on and if the robots are moving.

Your office has 1 door in front of you, and two paintings at both sides. The robots are able to teleport between rooms via entering a painting, and you will notice when a robot is near you using the painting by hearing liquid sounds and seeing a sudden, random portrait of the character that is coming through it replacing the original picture in it. In case this is happening, the player has to click the painting to flip it over so they flee. The painting will flip again to its original state automatically after a few seconds have passed. In case a robot is heading towards the office via the hallway, the player has to close the door by clicking on the button when the robot is ABOUT to enter the office, meaning you have to use it when it's necessary as you may run out of power.

You only use power to check the hallway light, using the camera monitor and having the mechanical door closed. Flipping paintings over doesn't use power. Like in FNAF games, to advance to the next night, the player must survive from 12:00 AM until 6:00 AM.


There are 11 robots in the game, each one being the counterpart of a character in the Five Nights at Freddy's series. However, this doesn't mean they will act exactly the same, some of them have similar roles, while others are completely different.

Name Design Description Behavior
FNAM Mario
He is a robotic version of Mario, meaning the design is very similar. However, this robot is quite old, so he's pretty dirty, is missing an arm and has a lot of holes around his suit, showing endoskeleton. Mario is the beloved hero of everyone and it was an extremely sad moment for the people of the Mushroom Kingdom when he passed away. This robot was made in honor to him at first, but was scrapped in favor of the new Toy Mario. He starts at the Basement with Luigi and Peach. TBA
FNAM ToyMario
Toy Mario
Like the old Mario, Toy Mario is a robotic version of the legendary hero Mario. The design is more similar to Mario himself, although his face looks a lot more childish, having red cheeks and looking more child-friendly. Toy Mario is the replacement of Mario, after the museum's staff decided to make them look more happy and childish and more akin to the real Mario. Toy Mario starts at the Game Room with Toy Luigi and Toy Peach. TBA
FNAM Luigi
This robot is based off of Luigi, Mario's younger brother. He is an old robot like Mario, he's all dirty, missing part of his mask and one eye, one leg is just endoskeleton and he always has his arms outstretched. Luigi is Mario's younger brother and his helper and second player in most adventures. Very coward but still an heroic icon, he was really loved by everyone and still is. This robot was made in honor to him, but was later replaced by Toy Luigi. Luigi starts at the Basement with Mario and Peach. TBA
FNAM ToyLuigi
Toy Luigi
Also a robotic version of the hero Luigi, Toy Luigi is the replacement of the old Luigi robot. He looks more like Luigi, but he also has a more friendly and childish appearance. His cheeks are red, but whenever he leaves his starting room they somehow turn green and he shows endoskeleton eyes. Toy Luigi is the replacement of Luigi. They made him look more akin to Luigi, plus adding a friendlier appearance to him. Toy Luigi starts at the Game Room with Toy Mario and Toy Peach. TBA
FNAM Peach
FNAM ToyPeach
Toy Peach
FNAM Yoshi
FNAM ToyYoshi
Toy Yoshi
FNAM BirdoBirdo

Golden Mario

Locations and Map



Title Screen:

FNAM Title


Which one do you consider the creepiest so far? (nobody's gonna vote for toy versions but i'll add them anyway just in case)

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