Title Screen (Beta)

Five Nights at Kirby's
Developer(s) The person who brought you FNAF
Publisher(s) Fire Games

Five nights at Kirby's is a Game for the Fire player set to be released on 5/19/15


The player plays as Kirby, as he tries to survive 6 hours (12 AM to 6 AM) for 5 nights Kirby can do the usual things in a FNAF game. Throughout the 2 weeks, each Anamatronic will activate throughout the nights, getting harder and harder each night. Power runs similar to the original FNAF and when it runs out, a slower remix of "Green Greens" plays before a Kirby Jumpscare. Unlike FNAF, Due to his size, Kirby can hide from the animatronics.

There is a "second week" mode which is essentially the hard mode of the game, as 5 more animatronics are activated, Marx, Magolor, Galactia Knight, Toy Kirby and the mysterious EndoKirby. During the 2nd week, Power Drains Down Faster, the AI Starts at 5, and Hypernova Kirby is more common


Activated at Week 1

Week 1 Animatronics
Apearence Animatronic Info Jumpscare
??? Kirby The Probaly hardest one of all, the animatronic seems to take some notes from Freddy,and Kirby was made to be friendly, but was reprogrammed to kill.Though Kirby starts on Week 1, Night 4, so you don't have to worry. NOTE: Kirby is the only one to go in the vents Kirby will fall down from the vents, then "inhales" you
??? Bandana Waddle Dee Like Kirby this animatronic was Freindly, but was reprogrammed to do unspeakable things. The first animatronic to be active in the game, at Week 1, Night one. NOTES: Bandana Waddle Dee is the only one to disable cameras Waddle Dee will Slowly approach Kirby, then Ram into Kirby
??? Meta Knight Originally built for museum tours.Meta Knight was Reprogrammed to do things that even i can't know. Starts on week 1, Day 3 Notes: Only animatronic to not be seen in a camera (he is seen flying at the museum basement camera) Meta Knight will take of his mask (Not his facemask) and throw it at Kirby
??? King Dedede An animatronic used for a show. Starts on Week 1, Night 2 Notes: Only animatronic to not move unless activated Leans in the office
??? Hypernova Kirby Don't glance at the picture that comes rarely, you'll see IM HERE, Hypernova Kirby Came Crashes the game

Activated at week 2

NOTE: Week 2 is Hard Mode

Week 2 Animatronics
Apearence Name Info Jumpscare
??? Marx Marx's Ghost has possesed this Animatronic! Avoid Him At all costs! Will fly up to kirby
??? Magolor This Magolor animatronic might be the least of your worrys, less than kirby but has a real scary jumpscare Will open it's mouth, revealing an eye
??? Galacta Knight As Hypernova Kirby is a counterpart to Golden Freddy, Galacta Knight is one to Spring Trap, Will not apear in 2 cameras Will Slice Kirby 2 times
??? Toy Kirby The First of the Toy Animatronics and is unfinished Will appear and laugh at kirby, as kirby faints
??? Endokirby Note: This animatronic won't kill you, but he will fight off Meta Knight and Marx None, he's a Helpful one

Speicial Custom Night Animatronics

Apearence Name Info
? Toy Waddle Dee A Toy Version of Waddle Dee, you only need to hide to avoid it, as it can Break open the door Will jump at Kirby
? Mangled Knight Toy Meta Knight has been destroyed countless times, and the staff just gone with it, and renamed him Mangled Knight Walks up to Kirby, fully animated
? Toy Dedede Toy DDD has pretty much some unique physics, and by unique, I mean by he can also break open doors Slams Kirby with his hammer
? True Hypernova Kirby This Hypernova Kirby doesn't crash the game, but is also unpredictable, you gotta put your wits to the test! His head will fly at Kirby



Show Stage- Kirby And Waddle Dee Start Here

Bathroom- THK Will start here (Special Custom Night only)

Basement Stairs



Castle Stage- DDD Is here

Meme Prison

Basement Storage- Toy Kirby starts here (Week 2 Only), Mangled Knight & Toy Waddle Dee start here (Special Costom Night Only)


Mueseum- Meta Knight starts here, Toy Dedede starts here (Speicial Costom Night only)

Main Room

Safe Room- Galacta Knight starts here (Week 2 Only)

Arcade- Marx and Magolor start here (Week 2 Only)

Backstage- EndoKirby starts here (Week 2 only)

Play Room- Hypernova Kirby can be sommoned if the player Looks at the Hypernova Kirby Poster for 5 seconds

Eastern Hall

Western Hall

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