Five Nights at Green Hill is a point-and-click/first person survival horror game created for the PC, Mac, PS4 and XBOX One. It takes place in an alternate reality where Eggman has successfully taken over the world due to the disappearance of Sonic and his friends. As a G.U.N agent, you must go to the Green Hill museum to investigate the mysteries behind the disappearances of the heroes.


The game takes place in a museum based on Green Hill Zone. Five Nights at Green Hill's gameplay is combined of Slender and Five Nights at Freddy's, with limited battery, a Sonic mask, mechanical doors, and a flashlight. The protagonist needs to investigate Green Hill Zone, where animatronics of Sonic and his allies were malfunctioning. Sometimes, you are aided by either the G.U.N commander or Silver the Hedgehog, which the latter had travelled back in time to find answers from the world's destruction.

Phone calls

G.U.N Commander's call:

"Hello? It's the commander here! Ever since Eggman has successfully conquered the world after Sonic and his friends had mysteriously disappeared, we have built some animatronics in order to replace them. As an agent, you need to investigate the mystery behind the disappearance of Sonic and his friends, but be careful, the animatronics are not fully functioned yet, so they might kill you once they get to you."

Silver the Hedgehog's call:

"Hello? My name is Silver. Silver the Hedgehog. I have came from the future to discover answers behind the destruction of the world after Eggman Nega has destroyed it. I heard that every hero in the past have been killed, and the government had created some robots to replace the heroes and stop Eggman, but the robots are not fully functioned yet. Once I get to the animatronics, I'll try to find you, ok?"


There are about 12 animatronics in the game, created by the G.U.N in order to stop Eggman's tyranny of the world. However, all of them are not fully functioned, as some of them were only causing more destruction to the world instead.

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