Five Nights at Freddy's Theme Park (tentative title) is a collab between Locked Gaming, Fandraxonian Enterprises, and Phoenix Fire.  So far, it has been confirmed for the PC and Mac platforms.


Day 0

W-what are you doing there!? Why are you still here? L-look man, you got past this on your previous attempts but I don't think that you might not get through this time..., look they aren't moving yet, get out!"

Day 0 begins in a location similar to the one in the first game, but with all the 12 animatronics from the second game. The Toy animatronics are severly broken just like their old counterparts on the original game. This day is even harder than the 6th night from the second game and is pratically unbeatable, if an animatronic gets the player, the screen fades before their jumpscare happens. It is later revealed to be an hallucination and the player's character sees an ad for the Freddy's Theme Park and applies for the job of night guard on that location.


Hello there! Welcome to the all-new Freddy Fazbear's Theme Park, staying on your city for only five days and five days only! After our previous installments were shut down, we want to bring even more fun and joy to your kids, we finally did a big research and now we bring to you, the best fun that you can have on your life!
Be sure to check Foxy's thrilling Pirate's Cove rollercoaster! Chica's exciting Chicken Flight pendulum ride! Bonnie's scary Bear's Cave dark ride! And finally, Freddy's World Tour train ride! We also bring you new friends to the classic cast of friends, such as Alice the Alligator's Swamp Travel water ride!
As always, Fazbear Entertainment is not responsible for death or dismemberent.

Day 1

"Hello there! I am your everyday's phone recording! So you are the new night guard around town? Uh, makes me wonder what you had to actually reach this point, believe me this is just as bad as getting to the electrical chair as a death penalty. So anyway, welcome to Freddy's Theme Park and here's your death sentence, the animatronics. They look scary already right? Well, imagine this, they are coming for you. Those things are blood hungry. Only a few manage to get out the previous builidings alive and they never told their stories, because people would think that would be too insane. But believe me, this is real. So, for whatever reason, they are free to move during night and they always head for the closest thing that they can "see", in this case, you. Also, whenever a new night guard comes along, their A.I. resets. So, today not all of them won't be heading to you, except the bear and the chicken. I recommend you to guide the animatronics to other locations. You see, they have flaws on their A.I. so that they might confuse themselves to where, you can trigger this flaw by utilizing things such as door or a bell. Try guiding them to different locations to lose them. You have two doors which you should check because they might be behind them so close them. You also have a limited power supply. Oh, the tape is running out, bye!"

Active Animatronics: Bonnie (active around 12 A.M.), Chica (active around 12 A.M.), Foxy (active around 4 A.M.)

Watch Tower: Entrance Tower

Day 2

Congratulations, you are alive! Good thing that you didn't had to join the other ones that didn't pass Day 1. Not saying they died though! They just went to our rival company. Or did they? I don't know. But anyway, our company is setting up the new animatronics today! But they are still bad. They are Alice the Alligator and Bubbles the Walrus. Alice is a very unpredictable animatronic, as she likes hiding in the shadows but her eyes shows a glow, so keep an eye for that eye, uh here's something I didn't expect to say today. If you manage to get her out of you way can you say "Sea ya later, alligator"? I always wanted to say that but that would also get me killed but since you are insane enough to take this job then go ahead! Bye!

Day 3

Day 4

Day 5

Day 6

Day 7 (Custom Night)


Five Nights at Freddy's Theme Park have some new twists to the FNAF formula. Every night begins with the player starting in a different watch tower, so each stage, the player have to build a new strategy revolving around that. One of the other new features is that the player can now "guide" the animatronics to different locations to lose them and gain time, such as guiding Chica to the Food Area will make her stop to eat food or guiding Bonnie to the Show Stage will make him stop play his guitar.

Another new gameplay feature is the rival Animatronics, those animatronics were made by another company and they are meant to be used to break the Fazbear's animatronics. The player can help them, but those rival Animatronics might get into the watch tower and if the player is wearing the Freddy Mask, then the player will be killed, if the player doesn't, then the animatronic just goes away.


Name Description
The Puppet When the player isn't looking on the monitor, sometimes a puppet supported by strings falls from ceiling. The puppet stays there until the end of the night shift or if the player loses.


Fazbear Entertainment's Animatronics

Name Description Strategy Starts moving:
Freddy The most popular animatronic from all of the Freddy's entertrainment and attractions.  He is a brown bear that is the leading leader of a small band. A very unpredictable animatronic.  While he cannot teleport from area to area, the directions he takes are random and cannot be foretold easily.  He moves faster when the player is not viewing him. Night 2
Bonnie Night 1
Chica Night 1
Foxy Night 1
Alice A new animatronic. She's an alligator and one of the new members of Freddy's band, she plays the bass. She has a bow on her head and uses lipstick on her mouth. She is a very smart animatronic, she doesn't stands on an upright position like the other animatronics, so it makes harder to see her on the darkness since she blends on the background. Sometimes, she might blink, giving away her location. Night 2
Bubbles Night 2
James James is a new animatronic. He is a squid with a bowtie and a top hat, alongside a monocle. He is described as an "elegant and polite squid." James is a very gimmicky animatronic, when the player notices him, he covers the camera with ink. So the strategy is, if the player see James, the player must quickly go to other camera, because if the player remains with the camera on him, the camera will get inked for a long time and that will be bad. Night 3
Doyle Doyle is a new animatronic. She is an owl. Night 3

Thunder Tiger, Ltd. Animatronics


Name Description Visited by Primary location for:
Entrance Tower Night Guard; Night 1
Carnival Tower Night Guard; Night 2
Funland Tower Night Guard; Night 3
Athletic Tower Night Guard; Night 4
Adventurous Tower Night Guard; Night 5
Coaster Tower Night Guard; Night 6
Central Tower Night Guard; Custom Night
Pirate's Cove Foxy
Chicken Flight Chica
Bear's Cave Bonnie
World Tour Freddy
Swamp Travel Alice
Food Area Alice, Freddy Nobody.
Show Stage Chica, Freddy Nobody.


Map Map Map Map Map
X Entrance Tower Left Door Entrance Tower Entrance Tower Right Door X
Left Hallway X X X Right Hallway
X Pirate's Cove X World Tour X
Food Area X Central Tower X Show Stage
Bear's Cave X X X Chicken Flight
X X X Swamp Travel X



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