Five Nights at Freddy's is a small game developed by Nintendo in collaboration with ScottGames. It was released alongside several other video games as a "minigame" of sorts, but also as an app for 9th Generation and above consoles.


The main character, who's name varies between versions, is working as a Nighttime Security Guard for a new-and-improved attraction by Fazbear Entertainment (usually a Pizzeria - the exact place differs between versions). Assisted by the previous security guard, dubbed "the Phone Guy", he must survive the week by warding the Animatronics away from his Office.

Gameplay is similar to the original Five Nights at Freddy's - you must survive your shift from 12AM to 6AM (the length of each night differs from version to version) without any of the Animatronics getting into your room. You can view the Animatronics on security cameras, and close the doors or air vents leading to your office for safety. The player also has a torch and some door/vent lights used to scan for Animatronics.

In some versions, the player has a Freddy Mask used to defend themselves from Animatronics if doors are not present. Other versions may have a Maintenance Panel used to keep the cameras, audio devices (if present) and Ventilation in optimal condition.


If you want to add an Animatronic to this list, feel free. Be sure to include their behaviour, if they can be fooled by the Freddy Mask (if present) their code (a three-letter abbreviation of their name, for example "Frd" for Fredy) and an image. All images must be 3D, in Transparent Background Format and at a size of 150px.

Animatronic Image Code Starting Location Behaviour Affected by Freddy Mask?
Freddy Fazbear Freddy Fazbear Frd Show Stage Travels to the Office from the right hand side or the Main Hall. He's always the last out of Freddy, Bonnie and Chica to leave the Show Stage. Yes
Bonnie the Bunny Bonnie the Bunny Bon Show Stage Travels to the Office from the left hand side. He's usually the first out of Freddy, Bonnie and Chica to leave the Show Stage. Yes
Chica the Chicken Chica the Chicken Chi Show Stage Travels to the Office from the right hand side. She's usually the second out of Freddy, Bonnie and Chica to leave the Show Stage. Yes
Falco Lombardi Falcomeleeclear Fal Show Stage Travels to the office straight and is the last one to leave the Show Stage No
Zim Show Stage He runs straight to the office to kill you and abduct you to his home planet No


Anyone can make a version of this game. Write down the details in the table below. When listing the Animatronics, please choose from the available ones and use their Codes to name them. You can update the Animatronics in your version of the game as often as you like.

"Number of Doorways" refers to the number of Doorways leading to the Office. Say what types of door they are. For example, you could say "2 Vents, 1 Door". Use the "User" template to specify the Creator of your game. Type of Game refers to whether it's an app, Minigame in another game or game of its own. Please specify what game the Minigame is in.

Name Console Type of Game Creator Setting Animatronics Number of Doorways Freddy Mask? Maintenance Panel? Closeable Doors?
Five Night's at Freddy's Nintendo 4D Viewer App KirbiMiroir (tbc) Freddy Fazbear's Pizza Frd, Bon, Chi, Fal 2 Doors No No Yes

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