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Five Nights at Freddji's is an horror game that was first released and publish to GameJolt on March 27, 2016,it is very similar to FNAF game


The players start with 100% power, the door can protected the player from the characters, player must survive at a night until 6pm,






Golden Freddji

Golden Rixy

Night 1

In this night, Freddji is only active character, he starts active at 3pm

Night 2

At this night, Zikuie and Chisuko now active at this night, they both are active at 2pm and stop active at 4pm and back to party stage, Freddji active at 1pm

Night 3

At 3th night, Rixy is now active at this night at 2pm, Chisuko and Zikuie is very common active and both are active at 12pm, Freddji is active at 1pm

Night 4

Night 5

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