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Five Nights at Fredbears Family Diner is the sequel to Five Nights at Freddy's DX (de facto) and the prequel to FNAF 2 (chronologically). It's released for Fandraxo.


The year 1973. Your name is Walter Williams and your six sons love Fredbears Family Diner. Upon a rainy day, you get a phone call from Fritz Smith, alias Phone Guy, who works there. He asks if you want to get a job there. You accept it. A kid murderer, however, tampered with the animatronics. So they'll now search for you... and stuff you into a suit.


  • The Office
  • Left Vent
  • East Hall
  • Game Room
  • Show Stage
  • Dining Area
  • Fredbear Kitchen
  • Fredbear Playground
  • Parking Lot
  • Pirate Cove
  • Pirate Seacraft
  • Storage Room
  • Backstage


  • Fredbear/Golden Freddy: The secondary antagonist of the game (The Killer/Purple Guy is the main villain). He starts in the Show Stage. He appears in every single camera. To defend against him, the player must close the Left Vent. Fredbear's jumpscare includes him standing in front of the player, laughing and taking his hat off. 


  • Springtrap: One of the tertiary antagonists. Springtrap starts in the Fredbear Playground. He goes to the Fredbear Kitchen, the Parking Lot, the Storage Room, Dining Room and the Left Vent. The vent must be closed. His jumpscare is his second jumpscare from FNaF 3 (with the same sound being played.). 
  • The Puppet: He will attack from the East Hall. Starting in the Parking Lot, he goes to the Backstage to get his Music Box. If he does, he will head to the East Hall and attack very quickly, unavoidable. The player cannot stop him from gettting his box, but they can prevent him from leaving the Parking Lot by simply not watching him. If Springtrap is there, if the player watches him he doesn't move as long as he's not watched for longer than 6 seconds. His jumpscare is stuffing the Player in the Music Box, closing the lid, and consantly jumping on it.
  • Foxy: He starts in Pirate Cove and goes to Pirate Seacraft, Fredbear Kitchen, Game Room, Storage Room and the East Hall. In the East Hall, he dashes forward and the door must be closed, else he'll jump at the player.
  • The Mangle: Foxy's butty and copartner, that starts in Pirate Seacraft. He (in FNaF 2, Phone Guy refers him as MALE, him on Ladies' Night was just to put the night in balance) goes to most rooms and attacks from the East Hall. The door has to be closed.
  • Sparky the Dog: Sparky starts in the Pirate Cove and goes to every room. He attacks from the Left Vent, which must be closed. His jumpscare is skittering to the Player, just like Five Nights at Freddy's DX .


  • Chronologically, it's the very first FNaF game.

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