Five Nights at Five Nights is a horror/strategy game releasing on the PC on the 3rd of February 2015, and comes onto the Wii U And PS4 on the 11th of March 2015.



"Hello umm...welcome to-oo the nightshift.. of-ff th--the Five Nig---hts resturantt..umm..i might want to..---toooo.... umm.. warn you though..the animatroni---i-i mean Wind--Win--Wi-wi-Window..the..bear and Katey...the..the Cat..umm..sorry about's just that..that on my fi-final night and its very sc-scary!! Well..back to the warnin--warning..ummm....the animatronics..might get a--a little umm...wanting to kill you sort of thing..don't worry of them are scary and just a..a coward...ahh! bye! bye! bye!"


"Umm...hello again, sorry about last night, just kidding, it wasn't my final night it was one of my final nights, just really just 2 days and i'm recording about..maybe 3 for a night? well, never mind, but i'm still a coward anyway, but i still do have to warn you about them, have you noticed the one hiding behind the stage? Yeah, him, i'm pretty sure his name is like, well umm.. Spark the umm..Dog? isn't it? well i'm pretty sure he, OR she, i don't know, well IT dosn'tt like being liked at, and will probably try to well? Eat you? so, remember try to use the flashlight to keep him there, and try not to use the RED MODE flashlight, that just makes him come for you. so, never ever use the LIGHT MODE on Windo- wait...that's not what where talking about, well, that's nearly all my time, so bye!!"


""So, how was your night? i was good, well not, my night is like hell! well i hate you and you hate me, for unknown reasons, so lets get this straight? be careful, most of them are comming, except, well, *me..*, but never mind, enjoy your night!!"


"TV: live from New York, the video game awards! let's start off with Horror Game of the year: here we go, here it is! the winner for Horror Game of the year is Five Night At Fredd-" "Guy: oh! hi! sorry i didn't notice you here, well how are you? sorry, last night, i was tired, it was like, well 5 in the morning!!, but hey? it's my final night! So, that's great, so let me get this advice, well, wait? huh oh no!! that got m-----!!!!! AHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!"


"Weird Horror dismantled voice: rannvgtnhrmceajosvpngvrce_+Ea0ac=-r9a=-sv=+_+_+_!+~"



There are 11 area's in the Five Nights restaurant, only 2 of them are sound omly

  • Family Zone
  • Ocean Zone
  • Show Stage
  • Kitchen
  • Backround Stage *Sound Only*
  • Electric Behind Stage
  • Garden
  • Hotel *Sound Only*
  • Left Hall
  • Right Hall
  • Go-Karting Arena


-This game is mostly based on Five Nights At Freddys.

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