Five Nights at Fandro's is a point-and-click horror survival game for PC, Android, and IoS. It is a parody of the popular game Five Nights at Freddy's. The original game concept was created by Dark. The original game was created by Crimson. This version of the game was created by the user Austin and was developed and published by Float Island Inc.. Production started in January 2015, and was finished in January 2015. This game is only available in America.


  • In this version of the game, the humanoids are not based off of Fantendo users. The only one that is happens to be Fandro himself, and he is based off of Crimson.
  • The restaurant layout is different in this game.
  • Most of the humanoids are different; the only ones that remain from the original game are Fandro and Eva.
  • There are different ways of stopping the humanoids.


A boy named Nick walks over to his friend Fandro's house. When he gets there, he sees a note on the front door. The note says: Hey Nick! If you're coming over, everyone is heading to Pizza Hut. Come if you feel like it! -Fandro. So Nick went to Pizza Hut. When he got there, he was in for a surprise! The car that Fandro and his friends were in had crashed into the kitchen of Pizza Hut. Apparently, a car had swerved in front of their car and Fandro had swerved to avoid it, but he crashed into the kitchen when he turned. Nick was mourning for his friends when the Pizza Hut manager walked up to him. "I am very sorry for your loss. However, it is a good time to leave. We are going to try and bring these people back to life and make them servers here at Pizza Hut. But instead of Pizza Hut, this place will become Fandro's Pizza Frontier." So Nick left and came back two weeks later. When he arrived, he saw that the night guard job was open for the taking. He decided to take the job out of respect for his friends.

Night 1

Eva and Oliver are the only animatronics to attack on this night. Tonight, Fandro talks about how the other "friends" have been acting weird ever since they were turned into humanoids. He says to close the door if an animatronic comes to it, and to keep the Xbox running.

Night 2

Eva and Oliver are the only ones again. Tonight, Fandro leaves at 2 AM to fix the bathroom doors. He doesn't come back.

Night 3

Eva and Oliver still attack, and Fandro and Ava become active.

Night 4

Eva, Ava, Oliver, and Fandro are attacking, and the Fandro hallucination starts occurring.

Night 5

Same as Night 4, except at a higher difficulty.

Night 6

Same as Night 5, except at a higher difficulty.

Night 7

You get to choose the animatronics' difficulty. After beating this, you see a newspaper article that says, "Night guard at Fandro's commits suicide."



This is where you/Nick stays. There are two closable doors on each side of the room, a giant window in front of you, and two windows next to the doors. There is also a glass case above one of the doors. There is a light switch next to the big window and one next to each door. The light switches enable you to see what is outside of the windows and doors. The glass box contains a humanoid piece. To close the doors, press the door button. There is a 100% power limit, and the power limit goes down depending on how much electricity you are using. Electricity goes down when using the doors and lights. When the power goes out, a blackout occurs. ON the first and second nights, emergency power comes on. Fandro will start here on nights 1 and 2.

Party Room

This is where Oliver starts. There are two tables in the room, and a TV with an Xbox in the corner. You have to keep the Xbox up and running to stop Oliver from coming.

Main Hallway

The hallway located right in front of the office. Oliver runs through here, Fandro slowly walks through here, Eva walks through here, and Ava walks through here.

Show Stage

Fandro starts here, and Ava will come here.


The place where the food is made, duh. Eva and Ava start here.





The main animatronic in the game, and also the restaurant/game's mascot. He sits with you in your office on the first two nights, but begins attacking on night 3. He has dirty blonde, curly hair, red eyes, and looks pretty normal except for his robotic parts. He behaves similar to Freddy. He starts out in your office on Night 1 and 2, but starts out on the show stage in nights 3-7. He has a random path after leaving the stage. When he gets into the main hall, he will stand at the end of it and slowly come forward. He will look straight at you unnervingly when he reaches the giant window, and will then go to the left door and wait for 20 seconds (night 3), 18 (night 4), 10 (night 5), and 5 (night 6). When he gets in the office, you can hear a breathing sound. When you get a blackout on nights 3-7, the emergency power will not come on, and he will come to the office and end your game.


Oliver is a particularly scary animatronic. He starts out in the Party Room, and then immediately runs down the main hallway. He then jumps and breaks through the main window to kill you! Once he comes, you cannot stop him. To delay him from coming, you must keep the Xbox 360 on. The Xbox 360 is constantly running down on batteries, and you can power it up through the camera. Once it goes off, Oliver will attack. Oliver has short, brown hair and a scar down his neck from the crash. He starts attacking on Night 3.


Eva is one of two twins who serves the customers. Her attack pattern is to start in the kitchen and make her way to the show stage, and then go past the bathrooms and to the main hallway. Once in the main hallway she will come to the giant window and knock four times. After that she will walk up to the right door window and stand there for 14 (night 1), 13 (night 2), 10 (night 3), 6 (night 4-6) seconds. She has blue hair and resembles Miku Hatsune.


Ava is the second twin who serves the customers. Her attack pattern is to start in the kitchen and make her way into the Party Room, then teleport to the show stage behind Fandro (or before where he normally stands). After getting to the show stage, she will walk past the bathrooms and through the main hallway, and she waits at the door before attacking for 20 (Night 3), 15 (Night 4), 10 (Night 5), and 5 seconds (Night 6). She has a darker blue hair and resembles Lucina.

Fandro (Hallucination)

Sometimes Nick has a hallucination of Fandro coming out of the glass box. When this happens, the doors and lights don't work, and you have to tap him to get him to go away.

Credit goes to Crimson and Dark for the game.

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