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Five Nights At The Jam is a collab project between Randomfrog, Lenneh, Claus the Mighty and cherryberry1456. In the game, you are a security for a restaurant aimed at children, made by foreigners who don’t have a lot of money.


In FNATJ, you are in your office, unable to move. There is one door, and occasionally, one of the animatronics will come into your office and attempt to kill you. You check security cameras to see if the four animatronics (Randy, Len, Claus, and Sherry) are away from your door. If they are to appear, you have a radio playing loud music that you can turn on. They will move away from your office, as they are scared by loud sounds. However this radio can run out of batteries, and there aren’t any spares for you to use, so if you run out, it’s game over for you. There isn’t a light system like in the previous game, as the lights in the one doorway stay on. So the goal is to last from 12 to 6 by scaring the animatronics, for five nights.

Phone Guy’s Speeches

Night One

Hello? Hello? Well, chances are if you’re hearing this, you’re going to freaking die. I hate this place. I hate it, I hate it, I hate it. I would burn it to the freaking ground if I could. I’m the night guard before you. One more week of this dump and I’m leaving. Anyways, I’m here to tell you what’s really going on, as this company tells you zilch about what actually goes on here at night. here’s a recap. You’re some guy who desperately needs money and you see an ad in a newspaper for this place. Sounds great, right? Just stare at some cameras for 30 hours and get one-hundred and twenty bucks. So, this little foreign company hires you without telling you that these animatronics want you dead. You heard that right. Dead. If you get caught, you will be forced into a animatronic suit. So, to combat this, the company’s given you a radio! Loud sounds scare these bots off, so just play the radio if they appear in the hallway. But the radio has limited battery, and there aren’t any spares, so keep it on if only necessary. So yeah. Check the cameras and play the radio if they come, for five nights. You won’t survive, but you can try anyways.




Randy is the mascot of the restaurant, and starts out in Randy’s Room. He isn’t a very active animatronic, but will come out and wander around 3 AM.


Len is a character that starts out in Len’s Lodging. Len is often the first to move, and is the first character to pay you a visit.


Sherry is a character who starts out in Sherry’s Sanctuary. Sherry is often the last to move and is one of the least active animatronics.


Claus is an animatronic who starts out in Claus’s Castle and is one of the more active animatronics. However, he takes awhile to start moving, but when he gets up he’ll appear at your door the most.

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