Five Nights At SS Tronic is a point-and-click horror game for the PC, the game costs a total of 12 dollars.


After Freddy Fazbear's Pizzeria closed down, many kids were saddened, though the night guards who worked at the place where more than relieved, maybe it was too much work for them? Maybe they didn't like staying up late? For now, no one is really sure. In 1990, they announced that they weren't gonna close for good! And that in just a few more years they would keep bringing happiness back to children, however they didn't have the same budget as before, so they scrapped their brand new Animatronics, and instead kept the old "withered" ones and sent them on a trip to Europe on the SS Tronic (along with other Animatronics from other restaurants), so they could be repaired and modernized, then they would be sent back for the brand new restaurant!

However, a few days after the ship sailed, a terrible disaster occured, a fishing boat found the ship just floating there without moving and decided to check what was going on...what they found was horrible, dead bodies...everywhere...The ship was sent back to the docks at America and was scheduled to sail again 2 months after, because the security guard died along with the rest, they were hiring new security guards. You, Grace Sciuridae, having had experience as a security guard in other ships, decided to take the night shift, however, in the Surveillance Room, you find a tape left by the secuity guard of the mysterious massacre that happened in the ship that explains that the Animatronics actually come to life in the middle of the night and try to kill the security guards, then, the rest of the people in the ship. The main source of their power comes from 4 Animatronics from Freddy Fazbear's, Chica, Bonnie, Foxy and Freddy, who somehow managed to spread their twisted power of sorts to the other Animatronics, at least for now.

Now you gotta try to survive 5 nights on this devilish ship until you get to Europe, you have to manipulate the many objects inside the ship from your Surveillance Room in order to distract/prevent the Animatronics from stealing the keys and getting into your room.

There are also 2 bonus nights, one night is even harder than the normal 5 and the other is a special Custom Night where you can either adjust the difficulty of the Animatronics yourself or play pre-set scenarios.

If you are killed by an animatronic it shows a newspaper clip saying "Second massacre in SS Tronic! Mysterious mass murderer on the loose!?", if you are killed by toxic gas instead it shows another newspaper clipping, this time saying "Toxic gas released on SS Tronic! Hundreds dead by toxicity!"

If you win the first 5 nights you'll reach the docks at Europe, then you'll go to a screen that says "Congratulations!" and shows a 1.000$ paycheck next to a renunciation letter written by your character, Grace, this is also how you get to know her name, the letter explains to "Cargo-Max Shipping Agency" about how you decided to quit the job.

If you win the 6th night, which is what would happen if Grace had stayed on the job, there's a big storm that for some reason makes the Animatronics go mad, making them even harder to deal with, if you win you'll return to the docks at America and get a note from the higher-ups at Cargo-Max thanking you for your hard work and giving you a 100 dollar bonus.

If you win the 7th night, which is a continuation of the ending of the 5th night in which you play as a new security guard, you'll get a note from the higher-ups firing you for "Messing with the products" and says that you'll be dropped off as soon as they reach the docks, the note also reveals the new night guard's name, "Tedd Verres".


In this game you can see the whole ship with your cameras and you can swiftly switch between them like in the other games, but now there are tons of new features. First of all, while you still need power to manipulate parts of the ship, your doors don't rely on energy anymore, now they're just steel locked doors, however Animatronics can and will try to get to the "Spare Keys Room" to steal the keys and get in. If you manage to reset their systems with light or by other methods (such as sound and force), they will drop their keys on the floor, then you'd have to open an air vent to make it suck the key and drop it back on Spare Keys Room, however if you don't do this in time, some other Animatronic might pick up the key, the air vents don't just suck in the keys, you can also move them to move around certain objects in other rooms.

If they open the door to your room and sneak in they'll jumpscare you and you'll die like before but now there's anew way to lose. A new Animatronic known as "Vennie the Toxic Spider" from the "Mike Mozarella's Pasta" restaurant, this Animatronic has gained the new power of releasing toxic gas thanks to the Fazbear Four. She uses this ability to release toxic gas through special pipes that lead to your room, essentially releasing gas into the Surveillance Room, the longer time you spend without your gas mask on while the toxic gas is in the room (which stays in the room for about 16 seconds before dissipating), the more your Toxicity Meter fills up, if it fills up completely you'll die from Toxicity, however, whenever you have your gas mask on you can't access the cameras and thus you can't distract/prevent the Animatronics from getting the keys and getting into your room. 


An empty Toxicity Meter

To avoid the Animatronics from stealing the keys and getting into your room, you can click specific parts of the ship to distract them or reset their systems, like activating lights, making sounds, activating conveyor belts, etc...

If an Animatronic is outside, you can waste extra power on the air vents to make them move around some big boxes, with this you can push off Animatronics, however they wil eventually climb back up, this will delay them and if it's Foxy it will stop him from gettnig into your room.


There are a total of 10 Animatronics in the game, this would mean that there are 6 more Animatronics other than the Fazbear Four, in Custom Night if you beat a Night with an Animatronic in 10 or more, you'll get a "Page" of that Animatronic in the "Animatronic Info Pamphlet", a small pamphlet that mentions facts about every Animatronic in the ship.

Name Behaviour Design Restaurant Misc.
Freddy Fazbear Freddy's back! Freddy starts out in Container Deck A along with Bonnie and Chica, usually Freddy is the first to activate, Freddy's system can be reset with light. Freddy Fazbear looks just like in FNAF 2, with a few more dents and marks. Freddy Fazbear's Pizzeria While he has been on the Fazbear franchise since the original establishment, "Fredbear's Dinner", his design hasn't carried over, just like his name, his original name was "Fred Bearboy"
Bonnie Bonnie the Bunny starts out in Container Deck A with the rest of the Fazbear Four, he activates at usually around the same time as Chica, Bonnie's systems have to be reset with sound. Bonnie looks like in FNAF 2, with his head ripped out, except now one of his ears is almost broken. Freddy Fazbear's Pizzeria When Bonnie was invented, he played the drums instead of the guitar, however the drums became too expensive and they were instead replaced by a rock guitar
Chica Chica the Chicken starts out with the rest of the Fazbear Four, she usually follows Bonnie but splits up after reaching the Surveillance Hallways, Chica's systems have to be reset by light. Chica has both of her arms completely destroyed and her mouth is stuck open, now her bib is completely ripped off along with a small part of her chest. Freddy Fazbear's Pizzeria Chica actually didn't have a sound box, her voices came from a small plastic cupcake with eyes she used to carry around, however kids sometimes ripped the cupcake out or threw it away, so when they re-opened they put her sound box like the other Animatronics
Foxy the Pirate Fox Foxy starts out sitting in a dark corner at the side of a container in Container Deck B covered in shadows, if you look at him too much or too little, he will start shaking, sometime after that, he'll stand up, once he's standing up you must be ready because after that he'll start to make a full sprint and try to get to your door, unfortunately for you, he can pick the lock with his hook, meaning he doesn't have to get the keys, Foxy is unique in the fact that his systems are reset by cold, what you have to do is time your air vent to move a box and knock Foxy down the ship into the cold water, after a while he'll climb back up and sit back on his corner. Foxy is one of the most damaged Animatronics, his ears are both broken and have holes in them and he has various dents and marks in general. Freddy Fazbear's Pizzeria Foxy was going to be scrapped due to not many people liking him, but a certain employee managed to convince the higher-ups to send him along with the rest of the Fazbear Four
Felix Frogger Felix starts out in Container Deck B, his pattern is pretty much random, he usually starts up after Bonnie leaves, he moves around the fastest, his systems have to be reset by force. Felix looks like a dark green frog with a cowboy hat, he has a belt with a fake cowboy gun. Felix Frogger's Taco Swamp Felix used to have an act where he shot paintballs from his gun and hit targets, however, due to small malfunctions, he sometimes missed, in fear that he would hit a kid, his paintball gun was replaced with a fake toy gun
Chancho Piggs Chancho starts out in Container Deck B, he moves pretty slowly but if he manages to get the keys, he'll sneak to your room and open the door, however he won't kill you, he will just stand there, making pig sounds here and then, while holding the keys, however this also leaves you open for attack, as the Animatronics would then get the ability to just get into your room, once Chancho enters the Surveillance Room he won't leave, Chancho's systems have to be reset with sound. Chancho is a pig who stands like a normal human, he wears farm overalls and has a straw hat. Bailey's Burrito Farm Chancho used to have a spade fork, however it would sometimes fall out of his hand, worried that he could hurt children, they removed the spade fork
Vennie the Toxic Spider Vennie the Toxic Spider starts out in Container Deck B, he's unique in the way that he doesn't try to steal the keys, he instead stays on Container Deck B, ocassionally from time to time leaving to the Plumbing Room, there she sticks one of her sharp legs into the pipes and releases toxic gas, since the pipes lead to your room, the toxic gas gets to you, forcing you to wear your gas mask, her systems have to be reset by force. Vennie looks like a big white spider, with 4 legs instead of 8, she has a purple smoke puff in the shape of a skull drawn on her back. Mike Mozarella's Pasta Vennie used to have 8 legs like a normal spider but she used to trip alot and fall down, damaging her pieces and costing Mike Mozarella's money, so they ended up removing 4 of her legs
Drake the Dragon Drake the Dragon starts out in Container Deck C, he moves around a bit never actually tries to get the keys until around 3 AM, until then he just breathes fire out of his mouth, covering any light source and making it harder to reset certain Animatronics, and while the burn marks do fade away after 10 seconds, it can still be a pain, Drake's systems have to be reset by sound. Drake looks like a chinese dragon, except he actually has feet, he's red with green and has two long silk threads resembling chinese dragon's mustaches. Drake's Chinese Food Dojo His tail was actually invented to balance his weight, as he was imbalanced and would often fall on his face while walking around the restaurant
Branchie & Crumbs Branchie starts out in Container Deck C while Crumbs rests on one of his branches, Branchie doesn't move at first but Crumbs will ocassionaly go for the key, if you don't stop him, he'll grab the key and bring it back to Branchie, once Branchie gets the key he'll start moving slowly to the Surveilance Room, but he can't be stopped no matter what, so you must prevent Crumbs from getting the keys and giving them to Branchie, Branchie's systems can't be reset but Crumbs' systems have to be reset with light. Branchie looks like a big tree with feet and a bunch of branches, the leaves on the top of his head are made to look like his hair, Crumbs is a small blue bird Animatronic with a small top hat on his head. Tommy Tomcat's Ice Cream Store Branchie and Crumbs were invented as part of an echological campaign but Branchie needed alot of power to barely walk, he was sent to the factory so that his power system could be replaced by a better one.
Dillan the Armadillo Dillan starts out in Container Deck C, he moves around the outside of the boat near the start, after a while he starts going for the keys, however when moving from room-to-room, he curls into a ball, making it hard to see him, Dillan's systems have to be reset by force. Dillan looks like an Armadillo that can walk in two legs, he has "cyborg" parts covering some of his body, and some futuristic glasses over his eyes. Kameron Krokodile's Burguers Dillan the Armadillo was originally just a walking armadillo, but kids grew bored of his design, so he was changed to resemble a "futuristic cyborg"


These hallucinations appear in-game. Unlike a normal jumpscare, these cannot kill you. These hallucinations include:

Name Description
Golden Freddy At random times, if you look at Freddy his eyes might disappear and he'll turn golden, after that he'll start twitching and ocassionally turning his head towards the camera depending on the room he's in.
Shadow Bonnie At random times, if you look at Bonnie his shadow will grow at a size slightly smaller than him and it'll start looking like the Shadow Bonnie from the second game.
"IT'S ME" Sometimes, toxic gas may start filling your room even though Vennie is not in the Plumbing Room, and when you switch out to put your gas mask on, the cameras in the control panel will start going into static and the word "IT'S ME" will ocassionally flash until the poison goes away. It's interesting to note that this toxic gas goes away much quicker than normal toxic gas.
Marionette Sometimes, some things that look like Marionette's feet may cover the screen for a few seconds, if you actually switch out of the cameras you might see him being hung there covering part of the control panel until randomly being pulled up into the ceiling by something.
"Balloons!" Sometimes you might see a rusty broken sign that says "Balloons!" for a brief moment in the Main Lobby, after seeing it you'll hear Balloon Boy giggling for a bit.


Just like in FNAF 2 and 3, there are special minigames you can play about the Animatronics, there's one at the end of each Night except Custom Night and some secret minigames you can get by beating preset scenarios in Custom Night. These minigames in-universe are actually just nightmares that Grace (or in Custom Night's case, Tedd) has about the Animatronics. You can replay these minigames at any time in the Extra Menu, as well as play them in a multiplayer mode of sorts, a first in the series.

Name Description How to Unlock Multiplayer Mode
Freddy Fazbear's Pizza Challenge The game revolves around you playing as Freddy in his original design from Fredbear's Family Diner as you run around giving pizza to children around the tables, you have 30 seconds to get as many points as possible and at the same time you must compete with a golden version of Bonnie. Once the time is up a weird purple monster will run up to you and the game will end, if you pause it at the last frame you'll notice how as soon as you make contact with the purple man every kid will start crying at the same time. Beat Night 1 In this mode, the Golden Bonnie can be controlled by a second player and the time is extended to 50 seconds, once the the time is up whoever gets the highest score wins.
Foxy's Treasure Hunt In this game you play as Foxy as he runs throughs Kid's Cove and makes his way through a maze made out of tables to find as many treasures as you can before time runs out, after the time is up Foxy will lay down on the ground and the room will quickly flash into the Parts & Service Room from FNAF 2 before the game ends. Beat Night 2 In this mode, the other player can play as Mangle and it becomes a race to see who makes his way through the maze and gets the treasure first, the first to 3 wins.
Chica's Cupcake Puzzle In this minigame you play as Chica as she must push big cupcakes into some switches before time runs out in a 2D platformer-style game, Chica has 3 jumps which you must to your advantage. After pushing all the cupcakes to the switches the floor will open and Chica will fall until the game crashes, however if you pause it in the last few frames you can see how Chica also lands in the Parts & Service Room from FNAF 2 and looks more destroyed right before the game ends. Beat Night 3 This mode, instead of a competitive duel, is a co-op challenge where you must team up with Toy Chica to push more cupcakes into even more switches.


SS Tronic

The SS Tronic has 13 cameras:

  • 1A: Right Surveillance Hallway
  • 1B: Left Surveillance Hallway
  • 2: Main Lobby
  • 3: Spare Keys Room
  • 4: Snack Bar
  • 5A: Container Deck A
  • 5B: Container Deck B
  • 5C: Container Deck C
  • 6A: Male's Bathroom
  • 6B: Female's Bathroom
  • 7A: Overboard A
  • 8A: Overboard B


Night 1

Active Animatronics: Freddy, Bonnie and Chica.


"Hello? Hello? Yeah, it's recording, i'm making this tape to record strange activity happening around in this ship, mainly the animatronics from Freddy Fazbear's, Freddy Fazbear, Bonnie and Chica...for now Foxy doesn't seem to be moving, though somehow he managed to sneak to Container Deck B, where he sits on a dark corner. They have been trying to steal the keys from the Spare Keys Room and getting into my room, luckily, they taught me a thing or two about animatronics before taking the job, their systems can be reset by a special trigger, I have been using these triggers to prevent them from getting into my room, each Animatronic has their own trigger, it can be blunt force, light or sound, the only one I have figured out is that Freddy can be reset with light. Once an animatronic has their systems reset they will drop the key on the floor, though I can suck the keys up and drop them back on the Spare Keys Room using the air vents, which I can also use to move other things around. I think that's enough for day 1, Elliot Dunkel, out *click*"

Night 2

Active Animatronics: Freddy, Chica, Felix, Dillan and Foxy.


"Okay, okay, I got new info, so today 2 more animatronics have awoken, Felix and Dillan, however, they are not from Freddy Fazbear's, this morning I have seen the animatronics acting wird lately, shaking and making sounds even when they're off, all of them except the Fazbear Four, so i'm suspecting something. Anyways, Foxy has been starting to become active...kind of, I just gotta remember to watch him moderately, not too much or not too little, if I do make the mistake of doing any of those, he'll start sprinting for my room, howver, his systems are weird, they cannot be reset by light, force or sound, they must be reset by cold, to do so I have found a special technique, I found a way to put extra power on the air vents so that they can move around some big boxes on the outside, if done in the right time I can push an animatronic overboard, that delays them but they'll climb back up in the end, if done by Foxy as he's sprinting, I can make him fall to the cold water, resetting him and making him go sit in his corner again. I think that's good for now, Elliot Dunkel, out *click*"

Night 3

Active Animatronics: Freddy, Bonnie, Chancho, Vennie and Foxy.


"Okay, so, first of all, I should mention I have been researching stuff about the Fazbear Four and I don't find it too pretty, apparently the most recent restaurant closed in 1987 due to low sales, though in the last day, there was a birthday party, apparently someone there got they're frontal lobe bit off by an, as soon as these animatronics are fixed up they're gonna be sent back to America for a new re-opening. Now let's go about the animatronics, 2 new animatronics have awoken, Chancho Piggs and Vennie, for some reason Vennie never attacks directly, she goes to the Plumbing Room and releases her toxic gas through the piping, the toxic gas leads to my room, but I can survive using the gas mask provided by the ship, however, it severely limits my vision, making me unable to check cameras.

Chancho is a different story, if it weren't for a certain lucky event this morning I wouldn't have realized how important it is to keep him away. We hit a big wave and the ship shook a bit, so we started testing the animatronics for some minutes to see if they were affected, some of them acted slightly weird around the crew but no one questioned it. I was cleaning my Surveillance Room which I had locked to relax for a bit when all of the sudden Chancho entered using the spare keys, but he didn't attack me, he just stood there with the spare keys in his hand, however when they were talking about turning them off again, he just dropped them and walked off. If my theory is correct, Chancho won't attack you, but he will leave your door open while holding the keys in his hand, leaving you vulnerable, so I have to remember to watch out for that. That's all I have for today, Elliot Dunkel, out *click*"

Night 4

Active Animatronics: Freddy, Chica, Bonnie, Drake, Branchie & Crumbs and Foxy


"NEW INFO! NEW INFO! N-NEW INFO!! ...*heavy breathing* S-Sorry.....I-It's just *gulp* Two new animatronics have awakened....Well, technically it's THREE, let'sstart with the simple one, Drake, he never goes to get the keys until late on into the night...until then he spends his time trying to annoy you by covering cameras with firemarks...They'll fall off after a while but they still could be fatal if you can't see what's going on in the room...Now, Branchie and Crumbs....Branchie is the most powerful Animatronic of all, his system can't be reset no matter what, but he has a fatal flaw...due to his size it takes alot of power to just move...that's why he won't move until he gets the keys, how does he get the keys exactly? Well his little bird friend who rests on one of his branches sometimes will fly off and try to get the keys, then he would go back to where Branchie is and give to him! So try to stop the bird as soon as you can or else he'll give the keys to Branchie'll be done for...Elliot Dunkel, out *click*"

Night 5

Active Animatronics: Freddy, Chica, Bonnie, Foxy, Drake, Branchie & Crumbs, Chancho Piggs, Dillan, Felix and Vennie.


"O-Oh my god....O-OH MY GOD....Oh no, oh no, oh no, oh no *heavy breathing* I-I can't believe this...*sobbing* Everyone's gonna die...everyone's gonna die and it's gonna be my fault *sobbing* I-I don't know what to do, they're getting close and- and- *knocks on the door* T-They're here...It's the end...Dammit, I wish I could've done something about this! *sobbing* *more knocks*  W-Wait a minute....I think I have an idea...*things are knocked out of the table* There's no chance of escaping now....but...Once this ship is brought back to the docks in America...they'll hire another security guard so maybe...*more knocking and Animatronic sounds* ....If I hide this tape for the next security guard...I won't be able to save the lives of the people in this ship....but I will save many more! *more knocks until the door goes down* E-Ellen Dunkel, out-- *Animatronic screech* *beep* OUT OF RECORDING TIME, FINISHING RECORDING *click*"

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