Five Nights at SANIC
Developer(s) Majora's Assistant AKA Wikia-Critic and Scott Cawthon
Platform(s) Windows/Android/iOS/Xbox One/Playstation 4
Release Date(s)
TBA 2015
Single Player, mlg mode
Genre(s) Point and Click, Horror
Predecessor Five Nights at Freddy's 2

NOTE: this is a joke game

Five Nights at Freddy's 2.5 is the ??? game in the Five Nights at Freddy's series. It has new animatronics, new areas, and is set in a funfair. You have set up a camp at a roller coaster which was abandoned, and have to survive 5 nights. Also, don't forget to drink mountain dew every once in a while. It's so you don't dehydrate to much, right? Or is it.... *x-files theme plays* Oh, yeah, and you also got a dorito. Your favourite type in this game, so you don't starve. Did I forgot you brought a meme calculator here?


you do not need to see this content. it is too MLG



  • Joe Sicklith (Night Guard)
  • George Sicklith (Phone Guy)


Name Picture Design Description Behavior
SANIC He isn't that different, except from the fact he has a party hat, of course. "hi cheeky scrublords" He is unpredictable, and can go somewhere you don't expect. He can also put on music, which attracts the other trolls to him, which can be fatal if he is at the "Rollercoaster Stairs".
Snoop Dawg he is too MLG to change "*INSERT MEME HERE*" He is more predictable, but more stealthy. He can kill u with epic quote
telletubbie he is the red one, okay? he has a crown "tubbycustard!" super fast but not as fast as SANIC in his normal form
ILOOMINATI he is the sign of iloominati confirmed "He is usually the most adored by children, and takes them on exiting adventures throughout the funfair. of course, he makes them JOIN HIM" He goes up the stairs and then tries to jump at you. He can't jump past the door when it's closed, and is limited to where he goes.
Marionette is only shrunk down be the size of a animatronics foot and has yellow eyes. "She is a amazing joker, and helps Bonnie entertain the children." She has the same strategy as Bonnie, but with no juggling balls.
He is a orange stickman with a pencil. Nothing else. "He is the most creative - he helps children draw AMAZING things such as complex unicorns. Nobody can be better than this master artist." He isn't common to see, but if you do see him, don't look on him to much. He tries to advantage or disadvantage animatronics.
doritoface dudedorito cool dorito with mlg sunglasses bro "get rekt for closing the door to long" kills u if ur doorr is closed for to long
Buzzi Bugbee New animatronic. She is a humanoid animatronic with black stripes, safe stingers as her hands and she is also slightly furry. Thing is, she has bee antennas and soft, sweet blue eyes. "TBA" She is explained on the "Gameplay" section - she has nothing else.