"According to Gramps, the Pokémon get kind of, uh, crazy at night, to say the least. I'd be careful if I were you. Good luck and smell ya later!"
-Gary Oak, Night 1

Five Nights At Professor Oak's
Developer(s) Game Freak
Publisher(s) Nintendo
Platform(s) Nintendo 3DS
Wii U
Release Date(s)
November 13th, 2015
Genre(s) Survival horror

Five Nights At Professor Oak's is a survival horror video game for the Nintendo 3DS and Wii U, serving as a crossover of Five Nights At Freddy's and Pokémon. It was released on the eShop on November 13th, 2015.

Gameplay and story

When Professor Oak goes on vacation to the Orange Archipelago, he puts you in charge of watching over his laboratory and the Pokémon that reside there. At night, however, the Pokémon roam around and become hostile, and upon seeing you will attack and brutally injure or possibly even kill you. Like the Five Nights At Freddy's games, you are required to check the security cameras located around the laboratory's interior and exterior and lure the Pokémon away utilizing a speaker system that emits sounds (which are actually pre-recorded cries of various Pokémon). Gary Oak, Professor Oak's grandson, speaks to the player at the beginning of every night via the player's Holocaster.


Pokémon Description/Behavior FNAF Counterpart(s)
Squirtle Squirtle, the Tiny Turtle Pokémon, is a Water-type Pokémon. He approaches from the left side of the laboratory. Bonnie
Charmander Charmander, the Lizard Pokémon, is a Fire/Flying-type Pokémon. He approaches from the right side of the laboratory and is the most frequent of all the other Pokémon during the first few nights. Chica
Bulbasaur Bulbasaur, the Seed Pokémon, is a Grass/Poison-type Pokémon. He hangs out in the Poké Ball Storage Room, and must be constantly checked on to make sure he doesn't sneak up on the player. Foxy
Pikachu Pikachu, the Mouse Pokémon, is an Electric-type Pokémon. Pikachu is inactive for the first 2 nights (unless the player runs out of power), but becomes active on night 3. He approaches from the right, like Charmander. Freddy
Shiny Pikachu Shiny Pikachu is an alternate-colored version of Pikachu who very rarely appears in the office. Golden Freddy


  • The Office - where the player operates in the entire game. There are 2 doors leading respectively to the West Hall and East Hall, as well as a Pokédex-like monitor that displays what the security cameras around the lab are recording.
  • West Hall - the left hallway, where Squirtle and Bulbasaur primarily appear in.
  • East Hall - the right hallway, where Charmander and Pikachu primarily appear in.
  • Poké Ball Storage Room - a small room full of trainers' Poké Balls that is often populated by Bulbasaur. The camera is situated outside of the door, which if open means that Bulbasaur is fastly approaching the West Hall door, meaning the player must act fast before he can enter the office.
  • Living Room
  • Library
  • Research Lab
  • Oak Corral

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