Five Nights At Freddy's Wonderland is a game developed by Scott Games and Koopa Fox Studios

Phone Calls

Night 0

Night 1

Night 2

Night 3

Night 4

Night 5

Night 6

Night 7 (Custom Night)


Regular Mode

Play Nights 0-5

Bonus Nights

Plays Nights 6 and 7


Play with multiple security guards, or protect yourself from anamatronics controlled by other people

Custom Week

Record your own phone calls, decide how long a hour is, relocate and rename cameras, choose the A.I. level for each animatronic for each night, change the paycheck, and choose the themes for the security office for everyday

Security Guards

William "Will" Snyder (Night 0)

Garrett Beverly / Emily Reynell (Nights 1-6, Name differs by gender)

Layla Courtenay (Night 7)






Toy Freddy

Toy Bonnie

Toy Chica





Stuffed Freddy

Stuffed Bonnie

Stuffed Chica

Stuffed Foxy



Silver Freddy


Name Starting Anamatronics Visiting Anamatronics
Entrance N/A Freddy, Bonnie, Chica
Fazbear Town Stage Freddy Bonnie, Chica
Bonnie's House Bonnie

Toy Chica

Chica's House Chica Toy Bonnie
Foxy's Pirtate Ship Foxy N/A
Fazbear Bumber Cars N/A Freddy, Toy Freddy
Bonnie's Rocking Rollercoaster Heights N/A Bonnie, Toy Bonnie
Chica's Ferris Wheel N/A Chica, Toy Chica
Prize Building Marionette, Stuffed Freddy, Stuffed Bonnie, Stuffed Chica, Stuffed Foxy Mangle
West Party Building Ballon Boy Mangle, Toy Bonnie
East Party Building Ballon Girl Mangle, Toy Chica
Security Buidling Outside N/A Every Anamatronic (Besides Golden Freddy & Silver Freddy)
West Airvent N/A Chica, Toy Bonnie, Mangle, BB, Stuffed Freddy, Stuffed Chica, Foxy, Sparky
East Airvent N/A Freddy, Bonnie, Stuffed Bonnie, Toy Freddy, Stuffed Foxy, Toy Chica, BJ, Fluffy
Security Building Hallway Silver Freddy, Golden Freddy Foxy, Marionette, Freddy, Toy Freddy

Security Office Themes

Concert Stage Theme - Night 1

Roller Coaster Theme- Night 2

Ferris Wheel Theme- Night 3

Pirate Ship Theme- Night 4

Mashup Theme- Nights 5-7

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