Five Nights At Alex's is a 2015 horror game by Chance S., Christan R. and Scott Cawthon. It was released on May 27, 2015.


The gameplay is reminiscent of Five Nights at Freddy's, featuring an office with 2 doorways on either side and a vent in front.  In order to survive, you have a flashlight, a radio, and a desk. 

Flashlight: Allows you to brighten up the vent and the doorways to see if an animatronic is inside.  It can be upgraded through the use of Smiley, a friendly animatronic who upgrades your stuff.  This upgraded version allows you to see into the hallways and the vent cameras, making it more useful.  The upgraded flashlight is the only thing that can keep Katie out. 

Radio: This allows you to direct the Security Guard to go to a room.  The Security Guard spawns in your office, and can move to most rooms.  (He cannot go into the Kitchen or the Vent.)  He can be used to lead some animatronics away from you and into another room.  If he's in the office, he also functions as an extra life, guiding an animatronic that's in a doorway away from you. 

Desk: Certain animatronics can be fooled by hiding under your desk if it's about to enter the Office.  They will leave if they can't see you.  However, know that this doesn't work for every animatronic. 

You also have cameras that you can use to see if an animatronic is coming towards you.  If an animatronic reaches you, it's game over.


(Can somebody make a map?)

There are 14 cameras in the game.  (Office not listed.) 

Room Name Description

Who spawns here

Show Stage

N of building. A front view of the main animatronics on the stage.  Connects to Diner. 

Alex, Eric, Adam
Diner S of Show Stage.  Looks like the Diner from the first game.  Connects to Pirate's Cove, Kid's Centre, Show Stage, History Hall, Main Hall, and Gift Shop. Tunnel room.  None
Lemon Cove SW of Diner.  A diagonal view of the deck of a pirate ship, with Lemony at the wheel.  Connects to Diner.  Lemony
Kid's Centre N of Pirate's Cove.  A top-down view of a mess of toys and drawings and food.  The Toy animatronics are sprawled on the floor, except for Toy Lemony, who is standing near the wall.  Connects to Diner.  Toy Alex, Toy Eric, Toy Adam, Toy Lemony
History Hall E of Show Stage.  A diagonal view of four display cases, holding the old animatronics.  Alex's is in the back of the hallway, near some restrooms.  Connects to Diner. Tunnel room.  Old Alex, Old Brian, Old Adam, Old Lemony
Gift Shop SE of Diner.  A frontal view of a check out, with Upgrader behind it.  Connects to Diner. Tunnel Room.  Upgrader 
Main Hall S of Diner.  A diagonal view of a long hallway decorated with kids drawings.  The diner can barely be seen in the far back.  Connects to Diner, Kitchen, West Hall, East Hall, Animatronic Storage, and Parking Lot.  Tunnel room.  None
Kitchen E of Main Hall.  Unable to be seen.  Animatronics make sounds while in there.  Connects to Main Hall.  None
Animatronic Storage W of Main Hall.  A diagonal view.  Multiple animatronic are all over the floor.  3 scrapped animatronics are leaning by a vent.  Smiley, 2471, Sandler, The Puppet (Night 5 and beyond)
Parking Lot E of building.  A diagonal view of a parking lot.  1 car is seen.  Trash cans are in the bootom left corner of the camera.  Connects to Main Hall. Tunnel room.  Springlock (Night 6 and beyond)
Vent N of Office.  Looks like it does in the second game.  Connects to Office and Animatronic Storage.  None
West Hall W of Office.  Similar to Main Hall, but the camera is lower.  Connects to Office and Main Hall.  None
East Hall E of Office.  Very dark.  Connects to Main Hall and Office. Tunnel room.  None
Basement N of Parking Lot.  Only able to be accessed on Night 5 and after.  A dark staircase.  Connects to the Parking Lot. Tunnel Room. 

Max the Miner, Derrick, Katie, Mousey.


There are 22 animatronics in the game.

Alex Has buttons on his shirt, his shoes can't come off, nicer looking in general, and rosy cheeks.  Holds microphone throughout travels.  Starts on Show Stage, when in cameras, sticks to bright areas.  Attacks from the vent.  Disables cameras when moving. Tends to wander.  Appears in the players' face, screaming.  Eyes notably blacked out.  Security and desk.  Night 3
Eric Has buttons on his shirt, his shirt is blue, he has rosy cheeks, and is overall nicer looking.  Holds a purple base guitar on Show Stage.  Starts on Show Stage.  Tends to wander.  Attacks from the right.  Disables cameras when moving.  Jumps up, then screams in the players' face.  Security and desk.  Night 1
Adam  Has buttons on his shirt, thin (like Toy Adam), shirt that says "Let's Party!", rosy cheeks, and an overall nice look.  Starts on Show Stage.  Tends to wander.  Attacks from the left.  Disables cameras when moving.  Makes chomping motions while screaming.  Security and desk.  Night 1
Lemony He is a Lemon cup with a face, arms and legs.  Starts in Lemon Cove.  Wanders in early nights, takes fastest route possible to office by fifth night.  Attacks from the vent.  Cameras show him moving.  Launches from vent into the players' face while screaming.  Desk.  Night 2
Toy Alex More rundown than Alex.  His face is half covered in yellow paint, his microphone is sticking out of his ear, his eyes are colored black, his hat is taped to his chest, and his teeth have been smashed.  Starts in Kid's Centre.  Attacks from the left.  Wanders on early nights, aggresive on later nights.  From Night 4 onwards, yells in his mic to attract Freddy to the room he's in.  Disables cameras when moving.  Pulls out his mic a screams into it, while in the players' face.  Security.  Night 2
Toy Eric More rundown than Eric.  His eyes are spray painted black with red around them, one ear is broken in half and taped to his back, fingers and mouth are painted red, on his chest is spray painted "KILL ME", and his guitar is shoved in his mouth.  Starts in Kid's Cove.  Attacks from the vent.  Wanders on early nights, gets aggresive on later nights.  From Night 4 onwards, can play a strum on his guitar to attract Eric to the room he's in. Disables cameras when moving.  Takes out his guitar and whacks the player with it while screaming.  Security. Night 1
Toy Adam More rundown than normal Adam.  he has stuff looking like horns, his eyes are sticking out of his cupcake, his head is oddly tilted, one leg is stripped bare, and his Shirt says "Let's" and painted in red under it is "DIE."  Starts in Kid's Cove.  Attacks from the right.  Wanders on early nights, gets aggresive on later nights.  From Night 4 onwards, calls a distorted "Pizza time!" to attract Adam to where he is.  Disables cameras when moving.  Bends forward and charges, screaming.  Security.  Night 2
Toy Lemony (Strangle) Completely fixed.  Looks like a white Lemony.  No endoskeleton is showing.  He actually is the most repaired of all the animatronics.  Starts in Kid's Cove.  Attacks from the right.  When active, runs to the Gift Shop.  When upgraded, aggresive.  When in Office, spends 1 minute speeding up the animatronics, then attacks.  Disables cameras when moving.  The player looks up to see him fall onto the player, screaming.  Desk.  Night 3
Old Alex A very broken version of Alex version.  His entire body is slightly charred, one ear is missing, some teeth are missing, one arm is gone.  Otherwise, looks better than the other Old animatronics.  Starts in History Hall.  Attacks from the right.  Very aggressive.  Will attack security, causing him to flee.  Sticks to dark areas.  Sometimes attacks with Old Eric and Old Adam backing him up.  Cameras do not show him moving, but don't deactivate.  A distorted Toreaor March starts playing, then he screams in the players' face.  Desk.  Night 4
Old Eric A very broken version of Eric.  Half his face is missing, the other half is charred, both his ears are missing, his arms and legs are stripped of their suit, revealing a charred endoskeleton, and there's a hole in his chest.  Starts in History Hall.  Attacks from the left.  Aggresive.  Will attack security, causing him to flee.  Cameras do not show him moving, but don't deactivate.  Grabs the player and holds him/her above his head, screaming.  Desk.  Night 3
Old Adam A very broken version of Adam.  One eye is missing, he is charred on her back, his hair is sharpened into a point, her teeth are missing, alot of suit on her back is gone, his shirt is ripped, and his hands are missing, with wires replacing them.  Starts in History Hall.  Attacks from the vent.  Aggresive.  Will attack security, causing him to flee.  Cameras do not show her moving, but don't deactivate.  Takes off his head and screams in the players face.  Desk.  Night 3
Old Lemony  A more rundown version of Lemony.  Pieces of fabric drag on the ground while he walks, and his eyes have been gouged out, leaving them as red dots. Significantly charred. 

Starts in History Hall.  Cameras show him moving. Makes lots of noise when moving. 

Night 2: Wanders into every room possible besides Vent.  If the player shines his/her light while he's in the hallway, he appears in the door blind-spot.  While there, waits twice as long to attack then other animatronics. 

Night 3 and beyond: Inactive unless the player watches him too much/too little or a few animatronics pass him.  Looks at the camera, then starts getting to his feet, then dashes to the office from the west.  If flashlight is used on him, bangs on the wall, disabling the flashlight for 20 seconds, then leaves. 

Night 2: Pops up to the side of the player (side = side he entered) leans forward, then screams. 

Night 3 and beyond: Stumbles in while screaming, making slashing motions. 

Night 2: Security, desk. 

Night 3 and beyond: Shine the flashlight at the west door when he's about to enter. 

Night 2
Upgrader A gray endoskeleton. Stays in the Gift Shop.  When active, lights turn on in the shop.  If an animatronic walks to him, the camera shuts off and Upgrader upgrades him/her.  None.  None.  To prevent an animatronic from upgrading, use security to lead him/her away from the Gift Shop.  Night 3
Smiley A humanoid, yellow animatronic with a smiley face emoticon for a face.  Starts in Animatronic Storage.  Can enter from anywhere.  Wanders.  If he reaches the Office, upgrades flashlight, but attracts other animatronics. Disables cameras when moving.  None.  Leaves after a while, Security and desk.  Night 2
2471 A color changing endoskeleton.  His right arm is a sharp piece of metal.  Eyes are half closed and Body and eyes gray if neutral, green if friendly to the player, and red if friendly to an animatronic.  Starts in Animatronic Storage.  Can attack from anywhere but the vent.  Wanders.  If an animatronic reaches him, follows said animatronic.  Same for Security.  If an animatronic he's following attempts to attack, he finds another entrance to corner the player.  If a Security leads him to the Office, he acts as a second security guard until the end of the night. Disables cameras when moving.  Screams, then stabs player with his right arm.  Security.  Night 2
Katie A humanoid animatronic.  It looks like a teenage girl, blue dress, red hair.  Pieces of the suit are missing, exposing it's endoskeleton.  When attacking, black tentacles appear from her back.  Starts in Animatronic Storage.  Can attack from anywhere but the vent.  Aggressive.  Can attack cameras if said camera is viewed to much, disabling it for 30 seconds. Disables cameras when moving.  Screams with black eyes, tentacles wrap around the player.  Upgraded flashlight.  Night 4
Max the Miner A humanoid miner animatronic from "Construction Carl's Restaurant".  He wear's a stereotypical miner uniform, a miner helmet with blue/green clothes.   He also has a brown beard.  Starts in the Basement.  Teleports between "tunnel rooms" to get to you.  Aggressive.  Attacks from the right.  Disables cameras when moving.  The player falls in a hole, looking down, they see Max laughing evily.  Ends just before the player lands.  Security.  Night 5
Derrick An alien animatronic from "Spaceboy Bob's Wonderful Adventure!"  It wears a metallic robot suit, with Blue arms and legs.  A glass covering in the center of the machine shows Derrick itself: a green, 2 eyed alien head.  Starts in the Basement.  Attacks from the left.  Able to create fake versions of itself on other cameras.  These fakes have a slight white hue.  Aggressive sometimes.  Cameras do not show it moving, but don't deactivate.  Teleports in, then fires his laser gun at the player.  Desk.  Night 5
Mousey A mouse animatronic from "Mousey's Funtastic Diner".  He has black fur, sharp teeth and claws, as well as red eyes.  Starts in the Basement.  Attacks from the vent.  Fast, so he's hard to see on camera.  Aggressive.  Cameras show him moving.  Runs around the room, looks at the player, then charges forward.  Security.  Night 5
The Puppet The most broken animatronic in the game.  A very broken version of The Puppet. in FNAF 2  A lot of his suit is teared, revealing endoskeleton, he has only one string attached to his back, leaving him slouched, one of his hands are missing, and his mask is cracked in a way to form a frown.  He also holds a broken music box when he moves.  Starts in the Animatronic Storage.  Attacks from anywhere.  Wanders.  Least aggressive animatronic at first.  Will attack security, causing them to flee.  If he is close to the Office, hide so he doesn't notice you.  Doesn't appear in blindspots.  If he sees security 3 times, he will know where you are, and becomes unstoppable.  Music box plays as he moves.  Cameras flicker when he moves.  Falls from the ceiling in front of the player.  Lays there for a few seconds, then suddenly jumps at the player.  Desk, none if he notices you.  Do not let him see security.  Night 5
Golden Alex Brand new-looking.  A golden version of Alex, without any eyes.  Bulky in appearance, slightly fat, and tall.  Notably, there appears to be no endoskeleton in it. 

Randomly appears in the Office.  It can appear in 2 different positions:

1. It's face can appear if you light up a doorway.  If it does, he will jumpscare you soon after unless you hide. 

2. It pulls down the camera and stands in front of you.  Hide the moment you see him, or he jumpscares you. 

Suddenly, the screen goes black, then it appears, screaming.  Desk.  Night 6
Springlock Looks like Springtrap in FNAF 3, But more broken than Springtrap One ear is missing, along with a few teeth.  A lot of suit is missing, revealing more of the Orange Man.  Springlock completely charred black.  Starts in the Parking Lot, behind the fence.  Can attack from anywhere, but prefers the vent..  Extremely aggressive.  Will attack security, causing them to flee.  Doesn't appear in blindspots.  Tends to hide in hard-to-see positions on cameras.    Cameras flicker when he moves.  Stands up, screaming.  Security, needs to make noise in another room.  Night 6

P.S. I give credit to Randomfrog for most of the stuff for this page

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