Freddy's Fray is part of Five Nights: Remake Collection as an extra game. It is a fighting game, and is based off of games like Super Smash Bros.

This game has 3 new characters announced in EnderLegends' preview page.


The gameplay uses a Super Smash Bros. formula. The point is to rack up damage and knock the opponents off the stage. More info is planned to be revealed, as EnderLegends states. This also borrows the withering mechanic from a previously mentioned game.

A new gimmick is the "Power" feature. The power appears on every character and will go down every time a character uses a special attack, making those attacks weaker and weaker, and when it hits 0%, the whole player deactivates for 15 seconds, before reactivating at 100%. This can be replenished by grabbing some of the commonly-spawned "Animatronic Batteries", or letting it replenish gradually by not using special attacks and only normal punches and kicks.



Character Description Moveset

FreddyFazbearsFray Withered-WitheredFreddyFazbearsFray

Freddy Fazbear
Freddy Fazbear is the leader of his band, and the main antagonist of the series. Freddy Fazbear is an all-around character. He walks at an O.K pace, and can use his microphone as a melee weapon.
  • UP: Dark Movements The screen blacks out for a second, and when the screen unblacks, Freddy appears higher-up than he did earlier. This is Freddy's recovery move.
  • SIDE: Tophat Boomerang Freddy tosses his tophat forward. Freddy is weak without his tophat, but the thrown top hat can hit up to 3 times before coming back to Freddy.
  • NEUTRAL: Electrified Microphone Freddy whams a nearby opponent with an electrified tophat, tempoarily stunning them. You can charge this for effectiveness.
  • DOWN: Toredor March Freddy plays the toredor march. He has to hold the button and stay in place to keep using the attack, but he can't move during it. Whoever hits Freddy while he plays the toredor march falls asleep, but Freddy is knocked out of his position when hit.

BonnieFazbearsFray Withered-WitheredBonnieFazbearsFray

Bonnie is the guitarist of the Fazbear band, and he is the first you see in 1 and 4, and if you count his counterparts, all of the games. Bonnie is slightly faster than Freddy and is also a bit stronger, but he is heavier due to his ears, therefor jumping low. His attacks revolve around his guitar which he can also use as a weapon.
  • UP: Bunny Hop: Bonnie jumps high into the air after a slight delay. This can be charged up if you want to make it more powerful, but in a quick need to get on-stage you might need to use this
  • SIDE: Chill Tunes: Bonnie plays his guitar, sending 3 different blue quarter notes flying in 3 different directions. If opponents touch the blue notes, they will be frozen.
  • NEUTRAL: Rock Music: Bonnie strums a rock song on his guitar. After the song, Bonnie will quickly move out of position and a boulder will drop where he was standing, smashing incoming opponents
  • DOWN: Bunny Dig: Bonnie digs into the ground, and you can move around quickly unharmed this way. You can only spend a little bit under ground though before being forced up

ChicaFazbearsFray Withered-WitheredChicaFazbearsFray Chica

Chica is the backup singer of the Fazbear band. She is usually on par-or a bit slower- than bonnie, and comes from the right opposed to the left in almost every game. In this game, Chica is less of a fighter than the others and is actually more of a hit, run, heal and repeat character. She is pretty slow but also can jump 4 times with her wings in midair, replacing her recovery move.
  • UP: Cupcake Toss: Chica tosses the cupcake in an arc. It damages opponents normally, but if you play teams it'll heal teammates, or Chica herself.
  • SIDE: Pizza Roll: Chica grabs on to a pizza which then rolls her around, smashing opponents as you run them over. This cannot change directions though. If you press b again, it'll stop the attack. HOWEVER, if you press a while rolling, the pizza will destroy, BUT also send hot peppers around, which can burn opponents. The peppers can also do damage to chica.
  • NEUTRAL: Cake: Chica noms on a cake, restoring some of her health, but also has ending lag.
  • DOWN: Cupcake Minions: Chica spawns some cupcakes on flying plates around her, which then go and attack opponents. They do little damage but can distract them. The cupcakes are destroyed with one blow.

FoxyFazbearsFray Withered-WitheredFoxyFazbearsFray Foxy

Foxy is a decommissioned fox animatronic in the series, and possibly serving as an anti-hero to the Freddy band. Foxy is a melee fighter, and is one of the fastest characters in the game due to running in the halls. Foxy has low defence, however. He can also do powerful bites and hook attacks.
  • UP: Pirate Sail: Foxy grabs onto a Pirate Sail like a parachute and it sends the fox upwards a bit, before letting him slowly decend to the ground, sorta like Mr. Game and Watch in the Super Smash Bros. series.
  • SIDE: Pirate's Leap: Foxy does the pose he does in the FNAF2 hallway and a charging symbol appears next to him. Holding the B button will charge this up. If you release, Foxy will jump forward in the same fashion as Foxy in Five Nights 2, even with the same sound effect, damaging victims. The more you charge, the farther Foxy will go and the more damage it'll do.
  • NEUTRAL: Hook Deflect: Foxy smacks forward with his hook. If an opponent is infront of him, he'll do damage. If not, it won't do anything. HOWEVER, if a projectile is coming towards him and he uses the hook at the right moment, it'll deflect the projectile at the same velocity.
  • DOWN: Cove Curtains: Foxy goes inside a miniature Pirate's Cove. The cove acts like a shield and will block all incoming melee attacks. However, a projectile will destroy the cove and deal damage to Foxy. The cove can take about 5 melee attacks and has ending lag.

SpringtrapFazbearsFray Withered-WitheredSpringtrapFazbearsFray Springtrap

Springtrap is the original version of bonnie who had faulty mechanisms which could activate as animatronic or suit, which could, under certain conditions, crush a victim inside. That's what happened to the killer. Springtrap has pretty similiar stats to foxy, except he has a bit more defence, but is also slightly slower. But Springtrap is still on the speedy side, as you can see him run in the games. He likes to spawn phantoms to do the fighting for him. He, of course, has a pretty strong attack too, he IS a murder after all.
  • UP: Phantom Chica: Springtrap grabs on to phantom chica who flaps her wings, sending springtrap up with her.
  • SIDE: Phantom Freddy: Springtrap summons Phantom Freddy to limp across the stage, doing damage to people who touch the phantom. PF will disappear to 5 melee attacks.
  • NEUTRAL: Box Throw: Springtrap spills the box from the office in Fazbear's Fright on the floor, burying nearby opponents under the items, as well as damaging them. This will temporarily deactivate the phantom animatronics.
  • DOWN: Phantom Puppet: Springtrap summons the phantom puppet. The phantom puppet will follow one person and block every attack that they try to do to the opponents, shielding them from doing any damage to anybody. During the attacks' 7 second duration, springtrap can't use any other phantoms.

BalloonBoyFazbearsFray Withered-WitheredBalloonBoyFazbearsFray Balloon Boy

BB is deemed "annoying" by fans due to his laughing, which is ironic because in 3 you have to use it to survive. He works as a balloon vendor out in the pizzeria. In this game, Balloon Boy is a floaty character, obviously. He usually refrains from fighting up close, and instead likes to do effects on other fighters. He has a very weak attack, but high defense and low weight.
  • UP: Propeller Hat: BB's hat's propeller spins around, sending BB into the air. BB can move side to side in this too.
  • SIDE: Deactivate Balloon: BB tosses a green balloon. If it touches the ground, it won't do anything. If it hits a person, it will deactivate that person's special attacks for 5 seconds. It has ending lag, however.
  • NEUTRAL: Balloon Pop: BB grabs a light blue balloon. He then pokes his sign into it, causing the balloon to fly everywhere making the cartoonish noise. Whoever gets hit by the balloon will have less damage than the usual special, but more knockback.
  • DOWN: Confetti Balloon: BB lets a red and blue striped balloon into the air. When it gets high enough, it will explode in confetti. The confetti will stay on the ground for about 10 seconds and will slow down opponents who step in it.
Regular- ToyFreddyFazbearsFray

Withered- WitheredToyFreddyFazbearsFray Toy Freddy

Toy Freddy is the "ringleader" of the "new" location, and also the leader of the Toy Band. Toy Freddy is similar to Freddy stat-wise. Toy Freddy, however, is stronger than freddy but lacks in speed. Toy Freddy, like Freddy, can use his microphone as a melee weapon. He, however, has completely different moves than freddy.
  • UP: Tophat UFO: Toy Freddy spawns a giant top hat with what appears to have controls and a seat. He can then rise and lower, as well as go side to side. Toy Freddy can only move around a bit in this before the hat explodes.
  • SIDE: Ringleader: Toy Freddy grabs 3 hulahoop-like rings. He can then choose a direction to throw them in. When you step inside a ring, they will slow you down. The rings will eventually disappear.
  • NEUTRAL: Singer Shield: Toy Freddy starts signing a song, which then spawns a purple aura around him. He can't move as he has to keep singing, the but the aura will block opponents form getting around him- however, if attacked enough it'll shatter like glass
  • DOWN: Plastic Pound: Toy Freddy does a motion similiar to Mario's ground pound attack, and slams himself on the ground, creating a small shockwave which can stun opponents. But, it has ending lag.
Regular- ToyBonnieFazbearsFray

Withered- WitheredToyBonnieFazbearsFray Toy Bonnie

Toy Bonnie is the guitarist of the Toy Band, and is always seen with his guitar. Like Toy Freddy, Toy Bonnie is similiar to his original counterpart. However, he is, as opposed to Toy Freddy, is speedier than Bonnie, but lacks in his strength. However, Toy Bonnie is projectile based, and can also get around quicker, making a good combo.
  • UP: Up The Vents: TB starts climbing through a vent. However, it is only a small room until you start moving, which then creates a path which can go any direction, as well as turn. After the vents takes a certain number of "vent blocks", Toy Bonnie will automatically start climbing through the path you made him. While Toy Bonnie is hanging, he can be attacked to cancel the attack
  • SIDE: Recognition Software: TB slides forward and then backward quickly, similiar to his office animation, damaging opponents he hits.
  • NEUTRAL: Hot Music: The opposite of Bonnie's Chill Tunes attack. Toy Bonnie strums on his guitar, sending a red note flying forwards, which can burn opponents.
  • DOWN: Pop Song: Toy Bonnie does a pose with his guitar. If he is attacked in the duration of this pose, a confetti pop will appear near the attacker, sending them into the air.
Regular- ToyChicaFazbearsFray

Withered- WitheredToyChicaFazbearsFray Toy Chica

Toy Chica is the backup singer of the Toy band and also has fun with the kids and is made to par-tay! Toy Chica, like the other toys, is similiar to her original counterpart. However, she is faster and does more damage- but lacks the power to flap her wings like her original counterpart. However, she does have the ability to take out her eyes and beak and throw them- she will be forced to pick them back up, however.
  • UP: Party Horn: Toy Chica points a party horn downwards. The party horn's "roll" will send TC upwards.
  • SIDE: CupCandle: Toy Chica tosses a candle of a cupcake, which will, when it lands on the ground, burst into flames. The flames will stay on the ground for a few seconds before dissappearing.
  • NEUTRAL: Part Toss: Toy Chica takes out a part of her face, starting with one eye, then another, and finally the beak. She can toss these to do some damage, but after they hit someone, toy chica will have to run around and pick those up. If one falls off the stage, it'll respawn after a few seconds. TC is weak without these parts, and vunerable.
  • DOWN: Water Hose: Taken after the attack in FNAF World. It is very similiar to F.L.U.D.D in Super Smash Bros., and, when used, can be charged up to deal more knockback than usual. However, it will not do any damage, and will only push people back.
Regular- MangleFazbearsFray


Mangle is the attraction for younger children who can't handle all of the Fazbear Action, but also can't keep their hands to themselves! Mangle is special, in that it isn't similiar at all to its original counterpart. However, it can attack in 2 directions at the same time with its extra limbs, and has the special ability to crawl on walls better than anyone else. It doesn't have a withered form for obvious reasons.

  • UP: Endo Stretch: Mangle's extra endoskeleton head extends and can be controlled with the movement keys. If it grabs onto a wall or such in the maximum length it can stretch, it will bite onto the ledge and will act as a grappling hook.
  • SIDE: Mangle's Static: Mangle opens its mouth and soundwaves screech out of it in a diagnol formation, making the static noise found when mangle is near. This will catch opponents and temporarily paralyze them when caught by it.
  • NEUTRAL: Paddleball: Mangle takes out her signature paddleball and plays with it once, doing one damage to anyone hit by it. However, if she uses this rapidly on one opponent, it'll easily juggle them and rack up a ton of damage.
  • DOWN: Mangled Wires: Mangle creates an electricity wave in her hitbox.

Anyone who tries to attack her and/or touch her when she does this takes damage. However, this can be charged for effectiveness.


Character Description Moveset

GoldenFreddyFazbearsFray Withered-WitheredGoldenFreddyFazbearsFray Golden Freddy

Golden Freddy is a mysterious character that can be seen to some as a disembodied head, and to others a poster. Regardless, every nightguard has seen him in some form. Golden Freddy is a trickster character, utilizing tricky attacks such as fake clones and teleportation to his advantage. He does low damage due to being-to some extent- a hallucination. Also, when he runs, he turns into a flying head! He's unlocked by beating Night 6 of Five Nights at Freddy's 2, or winning 50 matches.
  • UP: Teleport: Similar to Shiek in Smash, Golden Freddy has a split second to decide what direction he wants to go in by moving in that direction- he then teleports in that direction, and lands in his signature "slumped" pose.
  • SIDE: Fake Head: Golden Freddy creates a hallucination of his running/smash attack animation, which might be able to trick others into thinking this is the real one. Golden Freddy disappears in this move, but the head doesn't do anything other then do a short dizzy effect on the opponents.
  • NEUTRAL: Empty: Golden Freddy suddenly slumps on the ground. Until you press B again, he will remain slumped. When attacked in this mode, he will teleport somewhere else.
  • DOWN: Hallucination: Golden Freddy's eyes grow white pupils, before the screen quickly blacks out a few times, letting Golden Freddy move while highlighted. GF is the only one who is visible, and only a black outline of the opponents appear in the split seconds of the flickering. Every flicker lasts about half a second, and there is only 3 per attack. It has a long cooldown of 10 seconds.

PuppetFazbearsFray Withered-WitheredPuppetFazbearsFray Puppet

Puppet is another mysterious character who gives out prizes life to the dead good girls and boys.Puppet The Puppet is a pretty floaty character, but he isn't as floaty as balloon boy. His attacks are a based on gift boxes due to his "Gift Giving" job. He has a high attack but low defense. It is unlocked by beating the "Puppet Power" Custom Night in Five Nights 3.
  • UP: Pop goes the Weasel: A charged jump. Puppet hides inside his music box, and then pops out, sending him into the air. If he holds the button for long enough, it'll charge up some more, sending him higher.
  • SIDE: Gift Trap: Puppet throws a red and orange box with a warning label on it. If it hits someone, it will put the victim inside the gift box tempoarily.
  • NEUTRAL: Open Gift: Puppet opens a gift, which then will spawn a random item upon opening. It commonly spawns a kind of cupcake, but sometimes spawns a weapon. You can only open one every five seconds.
  • DOWN: Give Gifts, Give Life: Puppet does a battle stance. If anyone attacks puppet while he is in the stance, he will quickly teleport behind the person who attacked him and put a 8-bit head which can either be Freddy, Bonnie, Chica, or Foxy's head on the victim, which will then explode, damaging the victim. If the character is one of the head's listed, or their counterparts, they will not get the respective head.

FuntimeFoxyFazbearsFray Withered-WitheredFuntimeFoxyFazbearsFray Funtime Foxy

Funtime Foxy is the unbroken mangle and the toy counterpart to foxy. She, like the other toys, has a similiar playstyle to foxy. However, she is slightly slower, in swap of higher defense. She uses her tail in some attacks.
  • UP: Tail-Copter: Funtime Foxy's tail spins around quickly, sending her upwards. She can turn around and move while she does this, albeit slowly. Her tail can also be used to attack while doing this.
  • SIDE: Kids: Funtime Foxy spawns two green-shirt and blue-jeans kids to run towards her. These will do damage opponents who are hit by the kids. The kids will disappear before they touch FF.
  • NEUTRAL: Power Lipstick: Funtime Foxy puts on a glowing lipstick which powers her for the next 5 seconds- maxing her damage. However, this runs out and can only be used 3 times per round.
  • DOWN: Hook Combo: Funtime Foxy makes a stance. If she is attacked in that stance, she will counterattack the attack with her hook, then do a tail swipe twice, doing damage.

NightmareFreddyFazbearsFray Nightmare Freddy

Nightmare Freddy is a nightmare version of freddy and comes from the bed. Nightmare Freddy, like other nightmares, has a special playstyle. This playstyle revolves around how many Freddles he has. He starts out with 0, but when he attacks opponents, he will gradually get up to 3 freddles, each will serve as ammo in some moves and can also make Nightmare Freddy stronger when he attacks. He doesn't have a withered form due to not existing.
  • UP: Bed Bounce: NF jumps on a bed, sending him upwards like a trampoline. This can bounce 3 people before breaking.
  • SIDE: Sludge: NF coughs up sludge which then falls onto the ground. This sludge is sticky and will trap anyone who steps in it for the duration of the attack.
  • NEUTRAL: Freddle Toss: NF takes out a freddle and tosses it in an arc. If it lands on someone, the freddle will latch onto the victim and drain damage from it. This will use up one freddle per shot.
  • DOWN: Wired Tophat: Like original Freddy, Nightmare Freddy throws his broken tophat. The tophat is heavier when thrown, but it will also produce electricity, shocking opponents due to the electrical wires.

NightmareBonnieFazbearsFray Jack-O-Lantern-JackOBonnieFazbearsFray Nightmare Bonnie

Nightmare Bonnie, like Nightmare Freddy, has a gimmick to him. He, instead of using guitar songs, will use other things. The special feature with Nightmare Bonnie is that, if he racks up enough damage, Nightmare Bonnie will slowly change into Jack-O-Bonnie. As he turns into Jack-O-Bonnie, his melee attacks will start burning his opponents, but as he takes damage he'll lose it, similar to NFreddy's Freddles.
  • UP: Nightmare Lift: Nightmare Bonnie creates a purple platform with mist surrounding it. It rises up like an elevator. However, opponents can jump on to it too.
  • SIDE: Doors-a-'Plenty: NB runs through a door. It spawns 4 other doors, and N. Bonnie comes out of one of them, with the others being his clones. The clones will run around, however, will poof away when attacked, or when the real one is attacked.
  • NEUTRAL: Loud Breath: Nightmare Bonnie does a stance, and then turns his head slowly, breathing loudly. This noise will knock away near opponents. If used when in Jack-o-Bonnie form, it'll breathe fire.
  • DOWN: Nightmare Flip: Nightmare Bonnie jumps into the air, and rolls into a ball sonic-style. It'll then spray dirt forward, burying opponents. As Jack-o-Bonnie, it'll spray fire forward.


Item Description Type
CupcakeFazbearsFrayCupcake Heals 10% when used Healing.
ToyCupcakeFazbearsFrayToy Cupcake Like the cupcake, but instead heals 20%, but is less common. Healing.
GoldenCupcakeFazbearsFrayGolden Cupcake The rarest kind of cupcake, restores all health. Healing.
PhantomCupcakeFazbearsFrayPhantom Cupcake On par with the toy cupcake on stats and rarity, but also teleports user to a random location upon using. Healing.
PizzaBoxFazbearsFrayPizza Box A throwable item which spawns a random item on contact with the ground, like the crates in Smash. Projectile.
SodaCupFazbearsFraySoda Cup Another throwable item which, when on contact with the ground, will have coca-cola spill everywhere, causing the floor to be slippery. Projectile.
FreddyMaskFazbearsFrayFreddy Mask A wearable item which increases defense, but can be broken. Wearable.
WetFloorFazbearsFrayCAUTION! Wet Floor A weapon which you can throw and slide across the ground. You can also whack people with it. Weapon.