Five Nights at Freddy's U is a Wii U game and latest installment of the Five Nights at Freddy's series.

Five Night's at Freddy's U
Developer(s) Me
Publisher(s) Also me
Platform(s) Wii U
Genre(s) Point and Click Horror/Survival
Series Five Night's at Freddy's U
Predecessor Five Nights at Freddy's Four


In FNAFU, the Game Pad player can switch between the anamatronics. Meanwhile, the it's split screen on TV. Four players in four different offices, battling for survival in the world's scariest game of red light green light. An advantage for the game pad player is that he can see thru the cameras of the four offices, which "tells" the anamatronic when to move and when to not.

Phone Calls

"Well, um...hello! If your hearing this,'ve made a very bad career choice. I'm just gonna get this outta the way...the do I put this? Well, they want you dead. But, I'm going to help you through this! Click the L button and LZ button to do stuff on the left side. Same with the right side, too. Anyways...goodnight, hope you come back tomorrow."-First Night, 12 AM.

"Oh my god, if your hearing this, you made it!! I'm so happy for you, and also...Springtrap and the Puppet are up. Don't worry, though. You can keep the Puppet at bay by blowing on the mic. Also, you can close the door in Springtrap's face, like with the other 'tronics. Goodnight, see you tomorrow (I hope)."-2nd Night, 1 AM.

"You are blowing my mind right now! How do you do it?!?! My buddy worked before you, and he died on his first night! Oh, wait...I'm not supposed to tell ya that. Also, some guy named 'Golden Freddy' and his 'Nightmare Robots'' or whatever are out tonight. Don't look away, and you'll be just fine, alright? Goodnight, buddy."-3rd Night, 12 AM.

"S-so...c-could...h-hmm? O-oh, r-r-right! He-hello, again. Sorr-sorry about this, but...*banging on a door* N-no! They fou-found me...How? If your hearing this...g-get that thing off m-meh-my desk...please...*Foxy's scream*"-Fourth Night, 5 AM.

On the Fifth Night, the phone rings. But there's nobody calling you.

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