This game is odd following the timeline of the rest of the series. It reveals a split timeline. In one timeline this game never happens and the events of Five Nights At Freddy's (1), but in the timeline where this happens it tells the story of what happens when some people find out the truth about the Toy Animatronics as they start to fall apart. After the destruction of the restaurant, the events of Five Nights at Freddy's Mansion occur.


As a surprise, Old Chica, Old Freddy, Old Bonnie, Foxy and Golden Freddy are not in the game (Explained during the phone calls).


Name Migration Pattern Behavior Appearance

Cracked Toy Freddy

Cracked Toy Freddy collapsed trapped in the hallway, so he's always close to you. As long as you shine your light on him regularly he should stay down. Cracked Toy Freddy is sad, he has given up all hope on catching you. Cracked Toy Freddy is Toy Freddy with blood on his body and a shattered face, blood stained on his eye holes.

Cracked Toy Bonnie

Cracked Toy Bonnie is in the Withered Party Room, however he will go in the vents after a while. Bonnie is agressive, angry that all of this is happening. Cracked Toy Bonnie is Toy Bonnie, but the makeup on his face has melted off, his eyelids are broken, his eyes are scratched up and his ears are gone.

Cracked Toy Chica

Cracked Toy Chica is always in the left vent, but she will move slowly due to her endoskeleton problems. Chica is slow and not a giant threat, but if you forget about her... Well... You're dead. Cracked Toy Chica seems to be the worst of the three. Her Endo Skeleton is poking out of her body, her bib is covered with blood, her beak has been jammed into her head and the cupcake forces her mouth open.

Toy Mangle and Skruff

Toy Mangle and Skruff will move around the building due to them being newer models. They can't be in the vents. These two will not kill you fast and will often turn back if you flash the light on them. Toy Mangle and Skruff were part of the restaurant's last ditch effort to stay open. Toy Mangle is white and pink smoother foxy with a cute bulldog head on her hand.

Toy Torr

Due to being a new model, Toy Torr can navigate the building. He can quickly slide through the vents.

Toy Torr is unforgiving and evil. Unlike Torr being a test on a human brain, Toy Torr is a psychotic robot. Toy Torr is a cute polished turtle. He always has a smile on his face!


Torr can teleport throughout the building. He doesn't appear often, but he will. Torr is a forgiving robot. 3 times out of 10 he'll kill you if he's in your room, he'll push any Animatronics in your office, the vents or the hallway back to their starting spots. Torr is a giant Sea Turtle. He stands on two legs, and is also the tallest animatronic. He has rubber green skin and a hard shell. He has a snapping turtle's mouth and his arms are like wings. He has the eyes of a human. His headpiece is removed (an attribute used in his jumpscares in FNAFM)

Popped Balloon Boy

Popped Balloon Boy is a special case. He can't get in your office unless he's right behind Toy Torr or Toy Mangle and Skruff. Balloon Boy's circuits have been messed up, causing him to kill.  Popped Balloon Boy is always slouched down. His eyes have blood running from them. If he gets in your office he'll say "Hello" in a deep and distorted voice.

Dead Marionette

Dead Marionette is dead for most of the game. But once 3 am on Night 5 hits, he's awake and angry. Once activated he will trudge through the vents. Dead Marionette is extremely agressive and seems to enjoy killing. Dead Marionette is like the Marionette but with sharp spikes piercing his body, and blood gushed onto his face. Whenever he's on camera on in your room he makes an odd grinding noise.


H.u.n.t.e.r is a special Nightguard animatronic! But he's not on your side. If you shine your flash light too much he busts into your room and kills you. H.u.n.t.e.r is a misguided but agressive messed up animatronic.

H.u.n.t.e.r is a human animatronic. His name stands for Human Upgrade Nightguard Testing Effortlessly Robot. He is a mix between a naked human and a messed up animatronic. His limbs are horribly distorted and his face is mashed up. He can speak however. He speaks perfectly and has a British accent.


What a nightmare. You were helping take down the animatronics after a few weeks ago when the old Mangle bit your co-worker. Weird things started happening to the animatronics and they started breaking. As you were locking up for the final time, parts of the building collapsed. You're left trapped in a building with killer robots. But to keep you sane there are-

Phone Calls

Night 1: "Hello, Hello Hello? If you can hear this than you're alive. While the rescue teams are busting you out do you mind if I tell you some stories about the animatronics that are there? No? Well you don't have a choice *laughing*. Let's think... Oh! Toy Torr! I didn't like the idea of that one. He was based off of a forgotten old animatronic. When the company started to go under they decided to make Toy Torr as their last will to keep the company alive. And when that didn't work... *H.u.n.t.e.r's voice* They left us here to die. Will you come into the hallway please? Freddy, Chica, Bonnie, the others, we just want to play with you. Can we play, please? *he starts screaming* PLAY WITH US! *click*"

Night 2: "*sighs* I know you heard... Him talking last night. He's an absolute nightmare. You see, when Mangle bit Jeremy, they needed a more durable security guard. That's when they made the Human Upgrade Nightguard Testing Effortlessly Robot, or Hunter. He's really scary. He was a trustable animatronic, but now he's probably part of whatever the hell is going on with the others. I think I know what's going on too, it all has to do with *Hunter's voice* No, no, no, you silly goose. You can't tell the boy all of our secrets right now. That'll ruin the fun. *Phone Guy* *sighs* Giving him the feature to talk was a ba- *Hunter's voice* Wonderful idea! Now that we've established my greatness are you ready for that *glitch noise* game? It's a game the old robots used to play when they were still Al- *Phone Guy* I've had enough of this. I'll see if I can go better tomorrow *click*"

Night 3: "*Hunter's Voice* We didn't want to do it. We really didn't. But we had no choice. The big puppet was being *glitch* mean to us. Then the humans took the old ones away from us. Then our friend attacked one of you. They replaced her. *sobbing* We just wanted to play. *yelling* BUT YOU DIDN'T LET US! NOW YOU'RE GONNA SUFFER THE WRATH! *click*"

Night 4: "Hello? Hello, Hello? Sorry about last night. That monster probably tampered with the phone call. Well I can reassure you that after further *pause* investigation, that is not an animatronic. You are witnessing the acts of some pranking teenagers playing with animatronics. It may not seem like it but we can assure you that Fazbear Enterprises has nothing to do with- *Hunter's Voice* LIES! We are the real thing. They made us do this. They're covering up for the fact that they can't control us. BUT NEITHER CAN YOU *click*"

Night 5: "*Hunter's Voice* I think it's time I invite an old friend to play with us. Spirits of the night. Gods of the unholy. Bestow upon me the power you give to those of our kind. Show know mercy in the joy of creation. Please o' Please I ask that you give life to him. GIVE HIM LIFE. GIVE HIM LIFE. GIVE HIM- *shock noise* *childs laughter* *click*"

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