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Five Freddy Nights 2: The Quickening is a prequel to the critically acclaimed Five Freddy Nights. It explains how... uh... it really doesn't explain anything.


A guy named Jim is working at a pizza place and then some weird robots show up and try to kill him, but John Connors appears to recruit him for the anti-robot resistance to stop them.


  • Freddy Fazduck - It's Freddy Fazdolphin's father, you see... it's a PREQUEL now...
  • A Jumpscare - uh oh this games gettin' pretty spoooooky you guys...
  • Balloon Boy
  • Balloon Man
  • Balloon Girl
  • Balloon Woman
  • Balloon Cat
  • Balloon Dog
  • Balloon Fish
  • Balloon Tyrannosaurus Rex

Building Layout



You have a camera you can look at to see the monsters and play audio to lure them away from you. You have a Freddy Mask that protects you from monsters. You have a flashlight that scares away the monsters. You have perfume that prevents the monsters from tracking your scent. You have a system power thingy you need to balance out by using lights and doors and camera as little as possible. You have a health bar that goes down every few seconds. You refill your health bar by winding a music box. Whenever the music box stops your health goes down again. Also, when the music box is off the monsters go after you. You also have a rubber ducky you need to squeak every few seconds or else the building will catch fire. When the building catches fire you must close the doors and seal the vents and do a system reboot. Every now and then the building's air goes off and you need to turn the air back on before you suffocate to death. You need to also turn the electricity generators back on every few seconds because they go out by themselves every minute and as they are off you are vulnerable to attacks. You also need to spin around in your office chair every few seconds to prevent yourself from dying of boredom.

It's simple.


My friend Tom thought it was pretty cool.


it had none.