Five Fights at Freddy's is a fighting game and the 2nd canon spin-off of the Five Nights at Freddy's franchise. Much like the 1st spin-off, FNAF World, this game shows the animatronics in a cute art-style and is not a horror game. 


Five Fights at Freddy's borrows the core gameplay from Super Smash Bros., where the objective is to rack up the opponent's damage counter and than knock them off the stage. While it doesn't affect gameplay, a new feature is that your character will also appear more and more withered as the fight goes on. 

Starting Characters

Character Description



Freddy Fazbear
The main mascot of Freddy Fazbear's pizza, Freddy is the lead singer of the Freddy Band, and thus always keeps a Microphone with him. Freddy uses this microphone as a melee weapon to attack with, and can throw his tophat like a boomerang projectile. He overall has balanced speed and strength, and is good for beginners. 



Bonnie is Freddy's right-hand rabbit, and is the lead guitarist of the band. He can bash people up with his flashy guitar or play his guitar to create soundwaves that knock opponents away. He isn't as fast as the others, but he makes up for it in strength. 



Chica is the moral compass of the Freddy Gang, but that doesn't mean she can't fight! She can throw her cupcake pal as a projectile, and she also can use her wings to fly a short distance. While not being as strong as Freddy and Bonnie, Chica is the fastest and has the most stamina out of the Freddy crew.



Captain of Pirate Cove and honorary member of the Freddy Band, Foxy is one of the more aggressive fighters. His main method of combat is attacking up-close with his hook. He has good strength and speed, as he is known for dashing across hallways, but he doesn't have much stamina, so a few strong hits could take him out. 

FFAF Puppet

FFAF PuppetWithered

The Puppet joined the crew as part of the new Toy Animatronic line-up, and he usually hangs around prize corner. He is a very bouncy and floaty character and most of his attacks involve presents. He can throw presents like projectiles, trap opponents inside presents, or even open a present to recieve a randomly selected item. 


FFAFSpringtrap Withered

A broken down rabbit animatronic now haunted by the ghost of a serial murderer, Springtrap isn't afraid to fight dirty. He can call upon the Phantom Animatronics to attack or distract you, and he also hits hard with strong punches, kicks, and bites. 
Purple Freddy

A ghostly character who takes on the appearance of a purple version of Freddy, Purple Freddy has an interesting playstyle. He can float around and glitch in and out of walls, as well as using stronger versions of Freddy's attacks. 

Due to being a phantom/ghost, he has no withered form. 

Unlockable Characters

Character Description



Toy Freddy
The upgraded version of the Freddy we know and love, Toy Freddy has stronger attacks than his original counterpart, but lacks in speed. Like original Freddy he can use his microphone as a melee attack, but lacks the hat-boomerang technique.  He is unlocked by winning 20 matches as Freddy Fazbear. 



Toy Bonnie
Bonnie's toy equivalent, Toy Bonnie is a mage-like fighter with a unique set of moves. He can use his guitar as a melee weapon like Bonnie, but he also can play different songs that can damage or put different status effects on players, or he can play calmer tunes to heal himself. He is unlocked by winning 20 matches as Bonnie.



Toy Chica
Chica's toy equivalent, Toy Chica is the final member of the Toy Freddy Band. She has stronger versions of Chica's attacks, but she also can remove her beak and use it as a weapon, as well as using cupcakes to heal damage. She is unlocked by winning 20 matches as Chica. 
A former member of the Toy Freddy group, Toy Foxy got torn apart by ungrateful children and now lives as Mangle. Unlike the other toys, Mangle plays very differently from her original counterpart, using her multiple limbs and heads to grab and bite people. She has no withered form due to, in the developer's words, "not being able to get any worse." She is unlocked by winning 20 matches as Foxy. 



Before Freddy and the gang, Fredbear was the original animatronic. He can use some of Freddy's attacks, but he also has the ability to bite people by loosening and shutting his springlocks. As he takes more damage and withers, he also gains the ability to cause other fighters to hallucinate, weakening them. He is unlocked by winning 100 matches. 


Item Function
The Fan can unleash a gust of wind that blows fighters back, keeping them at a distance.
Heals 15% damage.

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