Five (Ella Metals)
Full Name Five
Current Age 23
Date of Birth Unknown
Gender Male
Location VineVille
Class Morally Ambiguous

Five is a mysterious character in the Ella-Metals series.


Five is a silent character who rarely talks. He doesn't interact with many people, as he doesn't speak much anyway and often abandons himself.


Five has white, tattered bandages over one of his eyes, permanent blood scars over his arms, black spiky hair. He has a pale body, with human features. He has lanky legs with small feet, and wears brown sandals, he wears a crystal coloured tunic. He has small, sprouting wings and has a strange black marking near his heart. He has black line across the circumference of his hip.


Ella-Metals 3

Kaisser spots Five roaming VineVille and captures for him for his army, he is one of the later bosses that you face against his own will, which you later find out after his defeat.

Ella-Metals vs. Battle of Bracelets

He's an unlockable character in this game.


His history was initially unknown, but it was made known during the Ella-Metals movie that he is actually a Dark Angel from the Angel realm. He broke away due to the Sun Goddess not accepting him as a higher-up student, and instead gave her attention to his fellow classmate. He then began working with a organisation that had not yet been constructed called T.W.O, where he met Jean "Artemis". After being located in Vineville for the search of highly talented or powered individuals for a super-team project, he found one in Ella Metals.

After the VineVille Search, he was later seen in other locations, searching for people to join the super-team.