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I made my own Origiverse game.
It's FissionFell: Cartoon Network Origiverse, featuring Finn the Human, Dex the Ter, Gumball the Watterson, Mordecai the Blue, and others as they work to stop Man the Dark and Ice the King from destroying the everything.
MGX and Renardy, Wikia Chat

FissionFell: CartooIin Network Origiverse is a new game created by Mario the Gumball (tbc) for Wii One, Xbox 4, and PlayStation U. It features Finn the Human, Dex the Ter, Gumball the Watterson, Bloo the Friend, and several other CN characters (or at least their Origiverse counterparts) trying to stop Man the Dark and Ice the King from destroying the everything.

Good Guys

Played As

Not Unlockable

  • Finn the Human: A teenage boy who loves princesses.
  • Dex the Ter: A nerd who hates Man the Dark because Man the Dark.
  • Gumball the Watterson: A totally random kid who doesn't have any superpowers.
  • Bloo the Friend: The imaginary friend of a totally random kid who is not Gumball.
  • Original the Character: A totally original character who is not Finn.


  • Mordecai the Blue: A bird who has a job and can't fly.
  • Ben the Tennyson: A popular guy who owns an alien wristwatch.
  • Numbuh the One: A dude whose ancestors created parents.
  • Steven the Universe: A rookie on CN who feels awkward being the only boy in a girl group.
  • Blossom the Powerpuff: A supergirl who loves to save the everything and beat up Mojo the Jojo.

Not Played As

  • Jake the Magical: Finn's buddy who can transform.
  • Butter the Cup: An ally of Blossom who is spicy.
  • Rigby the Rigby: A raccoon who is actually a Tanooki.
  • Arend the Eagle: Another bird who is a Mario Kart champion.
  • Toad the Shy Guy: A guy who doesn't want to be burnt by Loogi the Arsonist.
  • Dee the Dee: Dex the Ter's sister who likes to blow stuff up.
  • Darwin the Watterson: Gumball's brother who is naive.

Bad Guys

  • Man the Dark: A nerd who wants to kill Dex the Ter.
  • Ice the King: A king who loves princesses more than Finn.
  • Loogi the Arsonist: A man who will burn all of your Toad'ShyGuys and eat your Arend's Wiis.
  • Re the Color: A copyright-offender who survived his battle against Sonic because he's so original.
  • Spongebob the Squarepants: Finn's main rival merchandise-wise, who is even more annoyinger than Dee the Dee.
  • Vil the Gax: A... thing, who threw my tablet at Finn.
  • Master the Computer: The most evilest laptop ever, who will put all of your Doritos in its recycle bin.
  • Man the Dy: A rude girl who hates the everything.

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