Blub blub!
Fishman's flavor text in an upcoming game

Fishman is a Copy Ability first seen on an upcoming game.
Debut Game {{{debut}}}
Obtained from Pirhana, Anglers
Powers Fast movement when dipped in water, can attack forwards and backwards

General Information

The Fishman ability allows Kirby to get a significantly higher speed when in water. He can also "bite" foes with his sharp teeth and slap enemies from behind with his fish tail. When no longer submerged in water, he will retain his speed boost for 10 seconds before moving normally again. Kirby also learns some karate skills

Move set

Move Description Damage
Bite Kirby bites the enemies infront of him 10
Tail Slap Kirby moves his tail, damaging the enemies behind him 8
Big Bite Kirby temporarily enlarges his teeth and bites, with more damage and better range 20
Tornado Slap Kirby spins around and forms a tornado-like gesture for 10 seconds, hitting those who come near him 10 (per attack)
Pressure Punch Kirby punches in mid-air and sends a moving "wave" and hits the first enemy that it comes in contact with. 30


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