The Fish Tales is a cover band in the Splatoon universe formed by Nikki-Kaji. They are a group of squids who have chosen to put the Turf War life to the side and instead do covers of very popular songs of all genre. These group of teens have been studying the ancient languages of English and Japanese, which is what makes their covers so popular. Though they don't perform concerts in Inktopolis, many of their covers can be found on the internet.


Diana (Singer)

This girl provides the female vocals for the group, and has a wide voice range. She has studied english before becoming old enough to visit Inkopolis, and knows more about this language than the rest of her group. Sometimes she teaches other inklings about english as well. Diana can be described as kind and smart, often correcting inklings on their grammer when they try to use english slang. Though her friends often tease her about this, she doesn't care.

Age: 15
Favorite genre of music: Pop
Favorite food: Tofu

Sebastian (Singer)

Sebastian has been singing for almost his entire life. His mother works at the Inkopolis Library, so he is often there studying books about other languages. He is currently the best Japanese speaker of the Fish Tales, and the second best english speaker. However, he believes that there is still much to improve on in learning the ancient languages.

Marlin (Singer & Guitarist)

Morgan (Bass Guitarist)

Astrid (Keyboardist/Synthesizer)

Yamada (Drummer)



  • Morgan and Marlin are twins
  • The Fish Tales have done a cover of the Squid Sisters Splatfest song.
  • Though the Fish Tales are an english/japanese cover group, their first cover was not either language. The song they cover, Ievan Polkka", is actually Finnish.
  • They will appear in a future Splatoon game by Nikki-Kaji


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