The Firefly is an enemy in Mother 3.5 which returns from Mother 3 as a "mini-boss" of sorts like it did in the Sunshine Forest. Just like last time, they attack in a trio.


  • Fired Up and Charged: Does damage, same as Mother 3.
  • Breathed Fire: Does a bit of fire damage, same as Mother 3.
  • Buzzed All Around: Does nothing, same as Mother 3.
  • Unexpectedly Exploded: Causes a damaging explosion that not only mortally damages the opponent, but kills itself and its companions. This is a move unique to Mother 3.5 and it is rare that it will use it.


Battle Description

A combination of insect and lighter. Rumor has it that some of these were sabotaged during the reconstruction process and laced with volatile compounds that would ignite when the fire was lit.

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