The Fireball is the machine driven by the egotistical pretty-boy: Mickey Marcus. Marcus crafted this machine with the intention of "burning" away all the existing on-track competition with a top-notch handling system and
Fire Ball (F-Zero)
above-average acceleration capabilities. While it's chassis somewhat lacks in toughness, it's specialized, side-mounted, CHASER JET Type-B engines allow for a form of makeshift padding that no other machine on the track wields. Marcus takes great pride in the Fireball, often referring to it as "almost as beautiful as me!".


  • Body: C
  • Boost: A
  • Grip: B


F-Zero U

The Fireball returns in the game F-Zero U as a part of the Maximum Velocity DLC Pack. It is one of the few machines that remains the same as it did previously.

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