Fire vs. Wind: The Birth of a Legend is a first-party Nintendo Cyclone launch title. Taking place in an alternate Earth, this action-RPG will "bring new elements to the genres".



The Silent's Breeze's creatures have banded together to save thier planet, Thera, from destrucion.


Mari is the first Sagote you can control. He is a Water type Sagote.


Klink is a special gift from Silent Breeze for defeating an enemy, making her the second Sagote you can control. Her element is wind, one of the rarest elements in the game.

The Toegas

The Toegas are the gang of elemental masterminds set on destroying the Silent Breeze's creatures. Thier leader is The Ring of Power.

The Ring of Power

The leaders of all Toega kind. Kruffle is the leader and master of fire. Splish is the leader and master of water. Zen is the leader and master of all darkness.

Silent Breeze

The only elemental master who refused to join the Ring of Power. She protects the planet Thera and its creatures from the Ring.


There are 10 Sagote elements, from common Life to rare Special.

  • TekaTeka (Fire, #005)
  • Bloben (Nutrual, #007)
  • Graffipe (Life)
  • Dojo (Earth)
  • MegaRaptor (Time)
  • MiniZen (Special)
  • MiniKriffle (Special)
  • MiniBreeze (Special)
  • Sage (Light)
  • Killer (Dark)

Spheratory Icon Name Description Abilities Spheratory Number Obtained by... Max Stats
Mari A small duck-like creature made of water. His bill is the same as a real duck's bill, except the ability to lap up tiny enemies with its Yoshi-like tounge. Lap, Kick, Jump, Squeeze, Roll, Mari Mayhem #001 Starting the game HP: 240

Aim: 80%

Attack: 65%

Defense: 100%

Speed: 78%

Klink A pocket-sized raptor who has teeth like daggers. Her claws are the ultimate deadly weapon for the fatal blow after she knocks down the opponent with her long, graceful tail. Ninja Kick, Stomp, Killing Chomp, Fatal Blow, KnockDow, Klink Kombo #002 Defeating one enemy with Mari HP: 425

Aim: 94%

Attack: 100%

Defense: 12%

Speed: 100%

Axe Beast A tiny minotaur with an axe, hooves and killer breath. His long tail has no use, though. Failed Spin, Fatal Stomp, Ground Pound, Axe Swing, Axe Toss, Axe Beast Ace #003 Chisling the Golden Diamond in the Twisted Desert HP: 500

Aim: 20%

Attack: 100%

Defense: 86%

Speed: 17%

Fumios A cute little ember that burns enemies on contact. He can multiply, but his clones will only last a few seconds. Spawn, Burning, Hothead Fumes, Lava Spurt, Fumios Dash #004 Let Fumios out of a Cage in the Twisted Desert HP: 175

Aim: 64%

Attack: 100%

Defense: 98%

Speed: 86%

TekaTeka A huge flaming coal that can roll really fast. She is one of the biggest Sagotes in the game. Roll, Flaming Breath, Volcanic Attcack, Uppercut, TekaTeka Jazz #005 Dig in the Left Wall of The Center of Thera's tunnel that leads outside. HP: 280

Aim: 44%

Attack: 99%

Defense: 100%

Speed: 97%

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