The Fire Stingray is the machine driven by Samurai Goroh. This vehicle was ranked as one of the heaviest of the original four featured in F-Zero SNES yet had the highest maximum speed count out of anyone else as well(although it's acceleration is quite lackluster due to it's weight). It has pretty poor acceleration due to
Fire Stingray
it's awful boost power but makes up for it with an excellent grip and body strength stat. Even though this machine was built especially for Samurai Goroh, there's not much to piloting it effectively, even for a newcomer. Simply boost at a consistent rate and take advantage of this vehicle's sharp cornering abilities and you're all set. The Fire Stingray has a solid pink paint job accented by hotrod flame patterns near it's backside. It has a single fin built near it's dual thrusters, bestowing sharp turning abilities and the slight appearance of a stingray.


  • Body: A
  • Boost: D
  • Grip: B


Super Smash Bros. Universe

The Fire Stingray makes several appearences in the game. It appears in Smaurai Goroh's battle entrence, and is also used for his Final Smash. In addition, the machine can be seen racing on Mute City.

F-Zero U

The Fire Stingray returns once again in F-Zero U, and is one of the few machines that hasn't been tweaked or improved on.

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