What an unexpected meeting...
Fire John, meeting Clarx, Fantendo:Infected

Fire John (AKA Fire Bro. Jonathan) is a brother of Sam The Koopa, and appeared for the first time in Super Sam Squad. Hence being a Fire Bro., he can throw fireballs. He come to help Sam The Koopa when he gets into trouble. However, he sometime prefers to make his solo-adventure. His skill is rivaled with Sam's, which appear the Dual Mode. He may not as righteous as Sam can be but appear to be more intelligent then him.

Fire John
His 3D appearence, throwing a fireball
Current Age 16 years old
Gender Male
Location Toad Town
Current Status Alive
Class Hero
Koopa Troop
Family and Relations
Sam The Koopa (brother)
Main Weapon(s) None
Ability/ies Fireballs, Blaze John Transformation
Vulnerable To Water, because it can turn out his fires
Fire Bro. Johnathan
First Appearance Super Sam Squad
Latest Appearance Super Sam Squad 2: Mas Crisis


He introduced in Super Sam Squad. He can throws fireballs and usually played as Player 2. He appeared once again just like his younger brother in Fantendo: Infected, but strangely he is seperated at the start and join Light instand. His Ultimate Special Attack is Blaze John.


He is quite immature but also more serious than his brother. He will attack anyone who annoys him, unless it is his friends or Sam The Koopa or if it was a victim of a joke.


  • Sam and John is somewhat similiar to Mario and Luigi, because Sam is shorter than John, like Mario's case, however Sam is still younger than John. Also, Sam is a default player 1 and John as default player 2, which is respective to Mario and Luigi. They even face each other as rivals, as Mario and Luigi are rivaled with Wario and Waluigi.