Fire games Is a video game company Founded in 2012 and are partners with Nintendo


Video game Systems By Fire Games Include:

Fire Player

The First of many Fire Systems


Fusion The Hedgehog

Fusion The Hedgehog 2

Fusion 3: Crisis

Kirby and Sonic Boom: Race for Something

Kirby and Sonic Boom: Battle for Something

Kirby Fighters REVAMPED

Kirby: Ledgend Of The Star Diamonds

YouTube Poop Studio

Fire MINI Player

A handheld System made by fire games


Pokemon Sand and Poison

Fusion MINI

Other Games


Kirby's New Adventure (Fireflower30's Version)

Mario Kart 9 (Fireflower30)

Super Mario: Legends

Fusion 3DS

Wii U

Kirby's New Adventure HD

Mario Kart 9 (Fireflower30)

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