Fire Emblem Swashbucklers is a tactical RPG videogame by Studio Lillie (tbc) and Intelligent Systems. It is the fifteenth installment in the Fire Emblem series, and the first mainseries installment to be released on the Wii U. The main gameplay is based upon the previous two installments, Awakening and Fates, with many elements also appearing from other past games in the series.

The game follows the adventures of Casey and Lilac, two childhood friends, as they join a team of renegade pirates rebelling against the current monarchs of the land. As they start to fight their own homeland, they realize that much more is at play than they originally thought, and soon they must save the very world from destruction.


Prologue: Lost Waves


Swashbucklers takes place on the fictional continent of Denior, just southeast of Archanea, a continent present within many of the other games in the Fire Emblem series. Hundreds of years before the start of the game, the continent was split into four kingdoms: Aecoria to the southwest, Poruuth to the northwest, Sthorbum to the northeast, and Allania to the far east. These kingdoms lived in harmony, largely free from war, until the outside force of Shodderia invaded from the continent of Archanea. They first landed on the coast of Aecoria and began taking over the kingdom, until soon all hope was lost for the Aecorians.

All of the rich nobles and royalty and many of the people living within the kingdom came together and made a compact with the Ancient Seal. This Seal is a remnant of the past, a twin of the great Fire Emblem; it's spheres are the Five Weapons, which are Triton the sword, Proteus the lance, Despina the axe, Larissa the bow, and Rhea the tome. Together they can grant a massive wish, changing the very fabric of time, but possibly having massive consequences.

Using the Five Weapons and the Ancient Seal, the Aecorians were able to escape the Shodderian Army by going into the sea, able to breath in the water like fish. With most of the land barren and uninhabited, the Shodderians easily conquer the kingdom and establish Neo Shodderia. However, the original Shodderia in the war against Grima, depriving Neo Shodderia of the resources it requires to continue its conquering of the continent. The royals wait for a few years, hoping that their kingdom will be restored, but it is instead replaced with a new kingdom: Ylisse. 

For the next few centuries, everything is mostly calm. The other kingdoms refuse to trade with Shodderia, driving it further into ruin, and it appears that it will soon dismantle and become replaced by Aecoria once again. Before this happens, however, Shodderia makes a chance deal with another unkknown, off-continent kingdom that restores them to their pristine condition. Thus, they are able to continue their conquest once more. They easily take over Poruuth with their military might, and continue on to Sthorbum. Getting to Allania is not as easy, however, due to the trecherous mountain range and the Shodderian Army is unable to cross.

Using this to their advantage, Allania begins ammasing a heavy naval fleet, training all of their soldiers for warfare on the ocean. This pays off when Shodderia finally invades, as the Allanians mount their vessels and flee the country. However, they are now stranded, and must travel the coast of the continent to gather support for a resistance movement. This is where the game starts, as the Allanian navy begins recruiting young talent around Urthal for their cause.

Meanwhile, the people of Aecoria remain underwater for the entirety of the centuries, unable to return due to Shodderia remaining occupied. Eventually, their people become unable to survive out of the water, making all return to land impossible. The royalty begins a massive search for any remaining people who can still survive on land; however, they do not realize that the princess, Lilac, is one bearing this ability. Eventually they do find this fact out and try to take her to testing, but the young Lilac becomes afraid and runs away to the surface, taking with her the weapon Proteus. Unable to go after her, the royalty tell the public that she died to cover it up, and begin mourning her as if it was true.

Geography of the Region

The continent of Denior, as previously stated, has most of its land controlled by the four main 'states' which were under the control of the empire at the beginning of the game; however, some of the land remains as uncontrolled neutral zones, mostly within the desert area within the center area of the continent. Each of the four states remains identified even after being annexed by Shoderia, becoming more like districts than seperate countries; however, after the empire of Shoderia is disolved, each of the main states returns to its previous independant form.

First, and most important, is the state of Shoderia, leading as the prime "capital" district of the empire. Unlike the other three, it was not originally called this before the invasion; rather, it was actually a union of five smaller nations that were all easily conquered by the invading Shoderia. One of the nations was Aecoria, who fled to the sea, whereas the others are not explicitly documented; however, it is suggested that all of their cultures were assimilated by the Shoderian's. It is unknown how much of the modern nation reflects the captured territory, although it is stated that Ostro was previously the capital of one of the nations and it remains relatively untouched from it's olden years.

The state of Shoderia, being composed of many fractured nations, is thus the largest district in the empire. It stretches from the southern-most areas of the western part of the continent into half of the nothern-most part. It's border with Poruuth is almost exactly a straight line across a line of latitude, but is stretched upward at one point to account for the city of Tapo, which has a large coal mine. Two large bodies of water are within Shodeira; one of them is the Bay of Pegas, and the other is Lake Fordth. The Bay is connected to the oceean with a long stretching river which seperated the northern part of the district from the southern part. The district also controls a few small islands, mostly an archipelago around the southeast side of the coast, not notable except for the town of Taguus.

There are many cities of note within the district, many of which are visited by the characters throughout the course of the game. The first is Orthal, a small port town across the guld from Sin Allan. The second is Abacil, a small settlement in the mountains which is actually the main source of frozen ice within the region. Then there is Bottlesi, amongst the coast of the river connecting the Bay of Pegas to the ocean, which features a huge factory. Pegas is important, mostly because it is on the bay and features a great deal of fishing. Lastly is Siitho, the capital of the district which is strangely close to the border. It features a huge castle where the King rules.

The state of Poruuth was the next to be annexed by the growing empire. It encompasses half of the northern segment of the west side of the continent, owning a much smaller amount of land that Shoderia; it is mostly the nothern coast, but with a small amount of land inwards. The city of Dinee, located on the western peninsula and home to the finest shipbuilding force in the world, is connected to the Shoderian capital of Siitho by railway. The only other major settlement is obviously the capital, Dumpür, which is a bustling trading city located among the northern coastline. This owes to it's success, as it is the closest to the continent of Arachea and thus has the most trade of any city on the continent.

Connecting the two main landmasses of the continent is the Piercing Isthmus. The entirety of it is covered in a desert region, which has only two main towns: Daphne, a rather desolate place with crumbling walls and a monster problem, and Forsetta, a town of outlaws where gangs run wild. Because the desert is complete out of the rule of the empire, all sorts of criminals occupy the region. The main source of water for Forsetta is the nearby lake fittingly named the Spring of Forsetta.

The bords of Sthorbum begin where the desert ends. It occupies most of the eastern portion of the continent, with it's borders only ceasing halfway past the Bay of Scenae. The region, even though it is not neccesarily within the desert, still excruciatingly dry and warm. It's capital, Quissor, is located on the coast to avoid this. The town of Engae is tries to manage the heat and fares well. The last settlement is not really a town, but instead a military settlement hastily established by the empire named Kotar, which blocks the border to Allania.

Allania is the smallest district, and is often called the "Crescent State" because of its resemblance to a crescent moon. It has some of the mildest conditions in the entire empire, with grassy plains stretching across it's entirety. The capital of Sin Allan is slightly inland


The game is different is many ways from the other Fire Emblem game's settings. The primary difference is that it takes place during the world's equivalent of the Industrial Revolution, rather than in the Medieval status prevalent throughout the other titles. As such, a variety of advancements made between the Medieval ages and the Industrial Revolution are prevalent, such as firearms (although they are only included to a minor degree and do not majorly replace the weapons). The empire shown in the game is shown as newly industrialized, featuring new coal mines and freshly constructed railroads, with some factories also there. The eastern parts, which are more freshly conquered, however, are much less industrialized and are more similar to past installements.

The other major difference in settings is the continent. The world featured has never been depicted before; however, it is shown to be near the main Archanean landmass, and in fact, the main antagonistic force in the first act were shown to originate from that land. However, since then, Ylisse fully emerged and the events of Awakening all took place before the events of the game happened; this explains how Awakening did not depict the Industrial aspects shown within Swashbucklers, since the "revolution" took place between the two titles. 






Iron Sword (Artwork)

An Iron Sword, the standard of the weapon class.

Swords are among the three basic physical types, along with Lances and Axes. Of them, they are generally pretty light weighted, and thus more accurate, but also have lower might than their comparative weapons. As in previous titles, swords have the most variety of any weapon, and also feature a variety of magical and divine weapons. It's Sealed weapon is Triton, exclusively wielded by the games final antaganist Flarroi, giving him range, magic damage, and an increase in Dodge with no setbacks; additionally, his minions, the Flare Knights, all wield the ranged Solarrion, giving them an edge against Dark units.

Returning from Fates is the Katana variation of Swords that appears, all of which cause the wielder to suffer a loss of 1 Def and 1 Res at the expensive of being much more accurate than their Sword bretheren at about the same might. The Katti also appears in two iterations, which is a long ranged weapon that was previous restricted to only enemy units, but can now be wielded by any unit.

Name Rank Mgt Wgt Hit Crit Range Worth Uses Notes
Bronze Sword Sword E 3 3 95 0 1 450 -- (+10 Dodge)
Glass Sword Sword E 12 1 85 -- 1 400 3 Sells for ¼ its worth, instead of ½
Rapier Sword E 12 1 85 -- 1 -- -- Eff. against mounted/armoured units
Brass Katana Sword E 3 6 95 -- 1 450 -- (+3 Avo) (+1 Spd) (-1 Def/Res)
Solarrion Sword E 14 6 95 -- 1 - 2 450 -- (-4 Def) Eff. against Dark units
Iron Sword Sword D 6 4 90 -- 1 900 -- --
Forged Blade Sword D 5 5 95 -- 1 600 -- (-4 Avo) (+3 Def)
Short Sword Sword D 4 3 90 -- 1 600 -- (+10 Avoid)
Armourslayer Sword D 7 12 750 1 2000 -- Eff. against Armoured units
Wyrmslayer Sword D 5 5 90 -- 1 1200 -- Eff. against Dragon units.
Iron Katana Sword D 5 5 90 -- 1 900 -- (+3 Avo) (+1 Spd) (-1 Def/Res)
Etched Katana Sword D 4 6 95 -- 1 950 -- (+15 Avo) (-2 Damage) (-1 Def/Res)
Iron Katti Sword D 3 5 80 -- 1 - 2 1250 -- Can't Double Attack
Killing Edge Sword C 7 5 85 25 1 2750 -- (-10 Avo), crit hits x4 Damage
Steel Sword Sword C 9 7 85 -- 1 2000 -- (-5 Avo), (-3 eff. Spd)
Barrier Sword Sword C 8 6 90 -- 1 3500 -- (+6 Res) (-3 Def)
Tomebender Sword C 8 12 85 -- 1 3000 -- Grants Tomebreakers, inflicts silence, (-2 Spd)
Levin Sword Sword C 9 7 80 0 1 - 2 1600 -- Deals magical damage, (-10 Avo)
White Sword Sword C 10 9 80 -- 1 1600 -- Deals magical damage, (-15 Avo), eff. against Dark units
Dusk Sword Sword C 11 9 85 -- 1 2500 -- Chance of backfiring, chance  (50 - Lck)%
Steel Katana Sword C 8 9 9- -- 1 2500 - (+1 Spd) (-1 Def/Res)
Steel Katti Sword C 6 9 75 0 1 - 2 2500 -- (-5 Avo), can't Double Attack
Silver Sword Sword B 12 9 80 -- 1 4000 -- (-5 Dodge), (-2 Spd/Skl)
Wild Sword Sword B 8 8 70 0 1 4500 -- (50 - target Res)% chance of inflicting Berserk
Superior Edge Sword B 10 10 85 -- 1 4500 -- Grants Swordbreaker, (-3 Def)
Silver Katana Sword B 12 8 90 -- 1 4000 -- (+1 Spd) (-1 Def/Res), (-5 Dodge), (-2 Str/Skl)
Miracle Sword Sword A 12 9 80 -- 1 5500 -- Eff. against Dark units, grants Miracle skill, (-5 Str) debuff
Brave Sword Sword A 7 13 75 -- 1 5500 -- Allows two consecutive hits, (-3 Def/Res)
Triton Sword S 24 8 90 20 1 - 5 -- -- Deals magical damage, (+10 Dodge)
Falchion Sword S 17 14 85 -- 1 -- -- Eff. against Dragon units, (-2 Def/Res)
Balmung Sword S 15 15 85 -- 1 -- -- (+5 Spd) (-5 all others)
Mystletain Sword S 16 15 85 -- 1 -- -- (+5 Skl) (-5 all others)
Tyfring Sword S 18 17 80 -- 1 -- -- (+5 Res) (-5 all others)



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