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Main Classes

Starting Classes

Class Weapons Promotions Skill 1 Skill 2 Notes
Koharu Prince/Princess Sword
Koharu Noble Apparition Bravery Exclusive to the Avatar and their children.
Cavalier Sword
Great Knight
Elbow Room Shelter -
Knight Lance General
Great Knight
Defense +2 Indoor Fighter Armor Unit
Samurai Sword Swordmaster
Master of Arms
Duelist's Blow Vantage -
Ninja Shuriken Master Ninja
Locktouch Poison Strike -
Wolfskin Beaststone Wolfssegner Odd Shaped Beastbane Beast Unit
Kitsune Beaststone Nine-Tails Even Handed Beastbane Beast Unit
Villager Lance Merchant
Aptitude Underdog -

Exclusive/DLC Classes

Class Weapons Skill 1 Skill 2 Skill 3 Skill 4 Notes
Yangire Axe Bloodthirsty Reckless N/A N/A Exclusive to Lucy.
Dread Fighter Axe
Even Keen Iron Will Clarity Aggressor Requires Dread Scroll

Non-Playable Classes

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