Fire Emblem 15 (tentative title) is a tactical role-playing game for the Nintendo 3DS, developed by Intelligent Systems and published by Nintendo. It is the 15th game in the Fire Emblem series. It it set for a 2017 release.




There is an Avatar character available for the player to customise (default name Ellas), which will serve as the main protagonist of the game. The player can customise their Avatar's hair style, hair colour, face, skin tone, build and voice. Additionally, they have the option to add scars and a small amount of accessories, that, unlike in Fire Emblem: Fates are available for either gender. The Avatar is the only character in the game that is able to form supports with every other playable character, while most other characters will only be able to do so with a certain few. The player can also equip clothes to the other units, like in Fire Emblem: Fates.

Like in Fire Emblem: Awakening, units can pair up on the map, making the battles automatically start with both units in it while they move as one on the map. Units also all have their own unique skill, as in Fire Emblem: Fates; however, they can be unequipped now if desired. When the skills activate in a battle, as well as when permoring a critical hit, a cut-in appears on the screen. Various amiibo are also available to be used with the game; some will give new units, while others will supply the player of unique items or weapons.

There are two modes, being Classic and Casual. In Classic Mode, all units that fall during battle will be unable to be used in any future battles, although they will still appear in the hub, explaining that they were too severely injured to fight any more. In Casual Mode, fallen units return after the battle and can be reused in any other battle. Additionally, there are 4 difficulties, being Beginner, Intermediate, Hard, and Lunatic.

There is a hub area called My Castle, as in Fire Emblem: Fates, which is an area within the player's castle walls where a small village can be built for the army to interact.

The area selection map is now known as My Kingdom, where the player has to move over to move around between the different chapters. However, on the map, enemy units can now be randomly encountered, which have to be defeated on a small map before the player can continue. During these battles, all units are healed from the previous battle as usual.


Character Starting Class Description Recruit chapter
Ellas (Avatar) Prince / Princess Current heir to the throne of the kingdom, and tries to be optimistic in any given situation, although not always to any effect. The most likely to develop a crush in the army. Prologue
Cingur Paladin A long-time good friend of Ellas. He wants to protect him at all cost, but sometims overdoes it. He is a very busy-minded warrior. The most sarcastic in the army. Prologue
Arail Cavalier Commander of the main troops. She has a no-nonsense attitude and will take everything seriously, even if it was meant as a joke. The most driven person in the army. Prologue
Dodee Archer A trusted friend of Ellas. She enjoys joking around and is perfecting her aim with her bow at any given moment. The most likely to trip over in the army. Chapter 1
Nena Mage A pupil mage who acts very mature despite being the youngest in the army. She is a wizard driven with hate towards her enemies, but did not want to practise Dark Magic because she found it ‘too scary’. The biggest coward in the army. Chapter 1
Amice Cleric Wants to help everyone at the same time and is somewhat of an airhead because of it. The biggest worrier in the army. Chapter 1
Ellinos Fighter Chapter 1
Ignaas Mage Chapter 2
Cecilia Pegasus Warrior Chapter 3
Aires Dark Mage Chapter 3
Yanko Garou Chapter 4
Chaya Light Mage Chapter 4
Efen Warrior Chapter 5
Borick Priest Chapter 5
Eliah Pegasus Warrior Chapter 6
Nah Manakete Chapter 8
Blade Mercenary Chapter 9
Sehaynes Thief Chapter 10
Thanos Sniper Chapter 10
Lisetta Sage Chapter 12
Marell Mercenary Chapter 13
Kurin Cavalier Chapter 14
Ziva Dark Mage Chapter 16
Maya Mercenary Chapter 18
Herman Dancer Chapter 20
Quazac Knight Chapter 21
Yuvine Wyvern Rider Chapter 21
Galahad Mercenary Chapter 22
Greta Thief Chapter 23
Michaellos Angel Chapter 25
Manuella Angel Chapter 25
Liatt Villager Paralogue 1
Anna Trickster Paralogue 2

amiibo Characters

Character Starting Class Description Item
Portrait peach
War Cleric Frying Pan
Portrait rosalina
Sage Cosmic Staff
Link Hero Master Sword
Zelda Light Sage Light Arrow
Ganondorf Hero Ganon Sword
Sheik Trickster Harp
Portrait Marth
Lodestar Falchion
Portrait Ike
Vanguard Ragnell
Portrait Robin
Grandmaster Levin Sword
Portrait Lucina
Great Lord Parallell Falchion
Portrait Pit
Celestial Goddess Bow
Portrait Palutena
Sage Light Staff
Portrait Dark Pit
Dark Pit
Celestial Silver Bow
Portrait Shulk
Trickster Monado


Icon Class Weapons Promotions Notes
Prince / Princess Sword
Dark Tome
Great Prince / Great Princess
Great Prince / Great Princess Sword
Dark Tome
Cavalier Sword
Great Knight
Beast unit.
Paladin Sword
Beast unit.
Knight Lance General
Great Knight
General Lance
Great Knight Lance
Beast unit.
Thief Sword Trickster
Trickster Sword
Fighter Axe Warrior
Warrior Axe
Mercenary Sword Hero
Bow Knight
Hero Sword
Archer Bow Bow Knight
Sniper Bow
Bow Knight Bow
Beast unit.
Dark Mage Dark Tome
Anima Tome
Sorcerer Dark Tome
Anima Tome
Light Mage Light Tome
Anima Tome
Light Sage
Light Sage Light Tome
Anima Tome
Mage Anima Tome
Aquatic Tome
Sage Anima Tome
Aquatic Tome
Cleric / Priest Staff War Cleric / War Monk
War Cleric / War Monk Staff
Pegasus Warrior Lance Falcon Knight
Golden Kite Warrior
Beast unit;
flying unit.
Falcon Warrior Lance
Beast unit;
flying unit.
Golden Kite Warrior Lance
Beast unit;
flying unit.
Wyvern Rider Axe Wyvern Lord
Griffon Rider
Beast unit;
flying unit.
Wyvern Lord Axe
Beast unit;
flying unit.
Griffon Rider Axe Beast unit;
flying unit.
Angel Bow Celestial
Golden Kite Warrior
Flying unit.
Celestial Bow
Flying unit.
Villager Lance
Manakete Dragonstone
Garou Wolfstone Mánagarm
Mánagarm Wolfstone
Dancer Sword