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Fire Emblem - Flames of War
Developer(s) Zodiac Productions
Publisher(s) Fantendo
Platform(s) 3DS
Genre(s) Strategy
Release Date(s)

Battle Arena

Age Rating(s)
Media Included Cartridge
Fire Emblem - Flames of War is a game by SuicuneRider14. It takes place 23 years and 8 months after Fire Emblem: The Sword of Seals and is a sequel to that canon game.



New Game Mechanics

Food Supply

The army will need food to survive or else they'll starve to death. You need one unit of food for every chapter for every unit. Food is made through the Farm command, which takes a turn. Every 3 turns, food will grow and you must get a unit next to it and do the Harvest command to get it (If it's left then it will be collected at the chapter end).

Fusion Weapons

Some weapons can be made specially by combining them in the forge. They are usually 1 physical weapon, and 1 magical weapon. They count as both weapons, and any that has one of them can use them. There are several types of weapons made this way. If you combine 2 of the same weapon, then their uses will combine, having no maximum (So you can get a 999 use Silver Sword, if you're really that patient to grind on arenas).

Materials New Weapon
Elfire + Steel Sword Molten Blade
Wind + Iron Blade Wind Sword
Nosferatu + Iron Sword Rune Blade
Shine + Slim Sword Light Brand
Elfire + Steel Bow Flamethrower
Fimbulvetr + Silver Bow Blizzard
Bolting + Longbow Storm
Divine + Iron Bow Sunlight
Killing Edge (2) + Silver Sword Death Blade
Killer Axe (2) + Silver Axe Dark Axe
Killer Lance (2) + Silver Lance Dark Lance
Killer Bow (2) + Silver Bow Death Arrow
Elfire + Tomahawk Inferno
Darkness + Steel Bow Shadow Bow
Lancereaver + Shine Life Reversal
Axereaver + Thunder Black Reversal
Swordreaver + Darkness Sun Reversal

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