Fire Emblem: Rebellion
25px-Flag of Japan Fire Emblem: Requiem of the Rebellion
Developer(s) Vector Gaming, Inc.
Publisher(s) Nintendo
Platform(s) Wii U
Release Date(s)
25px-Flag of Japan January 9, 2016.
25px-Flag of USA January 9, 2016.
25px-Flag of Europe January 9, 2016
Genre(s) Turn-based strategy

Fire Emblem: Rebellion (also known as Fire Emblem: Requiem of the Rebellion) is the 15th installment of the Fire Emblem series, setting up a new timeline taking place in a new country (yet to be named), where a rebellion commanded by the Avatar, who was once the tactician of the army that he is now fighting against it. Rebellion is the first game of the series to be not developed by Intelligent Systems, but instead Vector Gaming, Inc.

The game has a planned release date for 2016 and it is going to be released for the Wii U.


Prologue: Dark Ties


Fire Emblem: Rebellion plays similarly to the previous installment of the franchise, Fire Emblem Awakening and Fire Emblem if. The player takes control of an army with a different objective every map in each level, it might be defeat every opponent, defeat the boss, seize the castle and etc. The game is separted into two generations similar to Awakening and Genealogy of the Great War.

The new features of this game includes the ability of same-sex marriage this time. If the characters of the same sex marriage their son/daughter will be an adopted during the second generation, as such the same-sex marriage will not lead to a character in the second generation that has the abilities given by their parents, instead a charater that might have abilties of the parents. Enemies can now pair-up to balance the Pair-Up system from Fire Emblem: Awakening adding a new layer of strategy. Each character has now an alignment to a certain element, in which changes the class and abilities of their children in the second generation, the element can increase or decrease a stat, which also creates a new layer for the character's marriage.


First Generation

Character Description Starting Class Chapter
Avatar The Avatar (default name: Harley) used to be the commander of Itzal's army, but after he/she found out the horrible things that Itzal did, he/she tried to tell the people of Kerri, he/she was captured and threw into a dungeon, he/she managed to escape and started to form a group of warriors to stand against Itzal's forces. The Avatar is a person with a mysterious past, who cares about his/her army members. Tactician Prologue
Yakin Yakin is the Avatar's righthand man who decided to leave the army of Itzal after he heard about the Avatar's capture and helped him to escape from the castle. Yakin is the optimistic and sone of the smartest of the group. He used to an assasin of Itzal's forces and the people that he once killed continues to haunt him in his nightmares, which is one of the reasons that he decided to join the Avatar's rebellion because he feel like it is a good thing to do to turn the country of Kerri to end the misery of the people that lives there. Myrimdon Prologue
Kuat Kuat is a Light Mage who lives by herself inside a cave. She meets with the Avatar and Yakin and at first, she didn't wanted to join in their army because the Avatar's relations with the Itzal's army and she didn't beliving with his/her intentions. After seeing the Avatar and Yakin defeating the members of the Itzal's army to protect the innoncents from a village that they tried to invade, she entered the battle to help the Avatar and Yakin to defeat the remaining members of the Itzal's army. She is a person that doubts of everything, as she believes that they should not believe in what they think or what they see. Light Mage Chapter 1
Satria Satria is a cold-hearted knight who does everything to keep her kingdom safe. After one day, when Itzal's army managed to break through her defenses and invade her kingdom, she escaped and lived alone for quite a while with her horse. The Avatar meets with Satria whom he/she convinces that Satria has a now a chance to become the hero of her kingdom. Cold-hearted and doesn't cares for the opponents that she slays in battle. Cavalier Chapter 2
Vytis Vytis is the contrast of Satria, he is a guy with a heart of gold that tried to take the same steps as Satria and became her succesor during one of the attempts to save the kingdom that was invaded by Itzal's army but he horribly failed, as a result, he lost control of his legs. He tried for many years to find his sister and managed to recounter her when the Itzal's forces are fighting against the Avatar's forces. Despite having no control over his legs, Vytis can still fight. Cavalier Chapter 2
Tahae Tahae is a child that was put in an orphanage run by a priest. The priest one day mysteriously disappeared in which it lead the children to fight for themselves. Tahae decided to become a thief and so she stole from the rich to give to the poor people. Her orphanage was attacked by Itzal's forces, forcing her and the children to leave to a temporary house. On the way to said house, Tahae meet with the Avatar's forces and as an attempt to find more resources to the children and grant them a permanent home, Tahae joined the Avatar's army. As a thief, Tahae is not a very powerful unit but she can steal from opponents when they are weak. Thief Chapter 2
Chast Chast is a member of a cult that worships Grima as their lord and savior. While not outright evil, Chast tried to attack the Avatar's Army when they arrived to the cult's home. Chast was raised by Risens and as a result, he learned how to utilize Dark Magic as a way to protect himself and the members of the cult. He joined the Avatar's army since he believes is that want Grima wants to him to do. Dark Mage Chapter 3
Chwaer Chwaer is the adopted daughter of the priest that once had a orphanage but mysteriously vanquished. Chwaer was meant to take care of the children, but the children mysteriously vanquished. She decided to take her time to cure the sick people, a techinque that she learned from her father. She was captured by Itzal's army but she was freed by the Avatar's army. Chwaer starts off as a non-offensive unit but she can become an offensive unit later. Cleric Chapter 3
Braner Braner is an actually the only male Pegasus Knight of the Itzal armada. He was a friend of the Avatar when they are young, but once the Avatar started to serve the dark forces, Braner decided to follow his dream to become a Pegasus Knight, but he couldn't be cause he was male. He disguised himself as a female and became the general of the Pegasus Knights. When the situation got difficult to the Avatar's army during Chapter 3, Braner managed to defeat some of the mooks to help the Avatar. He has high mobility but he is very weak, specially against arrows. He is also one of the few homossexual characters in the game and he introduces the same-sex marriage system. Pegasus Knight Chapter 3
Hanela Hanela is a rebel archer whose army was slaughtered by Itzal's forces. Hanela was at first against joining the Avatar's army after the disturbing images of her friends being slaughtered and didn't wanted them to happen again. After she was saved by them after walking without taking notice of the danger around her, she decided to join the army as a way to payback what they did for her. Hanela is an archer who has a great range but she is weak both attack-wise and defense-wise, so she is a tricky unit. Archer Chapter 3
Najmita Najmita is a mercenary who does anything for gold. He has an offbeat personality and he doesn't cares in which side he is in as long as he recieves his money. When the player meets him, he asks for a fee of 500 gold for his services. Najmita is actually an optional unit and can be ignored by the player. The Mercenary is a stronger and slower version of the Myrmmidon, so Najmita can be very useful as a battle unit. Mercenary Chapter 4
Sairwain Sairwain is a dancer that used to entertain the Itzal's army members, but one day she decided to escape after she discovered that son that she had before being captured by Itzal's forces is still alive, she escaped so that she could meet her son once again. She meet with the Avatar's army who said that they would escort her to her soon. Sairwain is actually a temporary unit that only stays up to Chapter 8, when she meets her son, but the player can keep her after completing a side quest. Dancer Chapter 4
Iskudo N/A Knight Chapter 4
Mahina N/A Villager Chapter 5
Latag N/A Recruit Chapter 5
Agwa N/A Pirate Chapter 6
Nguvu N/A Fighter Chapter 7
Suhu N/A Trouabador Chapter 7

Second Generation

Downloadble Characters

Character Description Starting Class Chapter
Priam Hero Postlogue 1: Radiant Succesor
Marth Lord Postlogue 2: War for the Emblem I
Shiida Pegasus Knight Postlogue 2: War for the Emblem I
Alm Mercenary Postlogue 2: War for the Emblem I
Celica Sage Postlogue 2: War for the Emblem I

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