Fire Emblem New Believers

Fire Emblem: New Believers is the newest instalment in the Fire Emblem franchise. In conjunction with Intelligent Systems and Nintendo, the latest Fire Emblem title is coming to the Bleakbox. The game follows the stories of three tribes that live in a deep Amazon-esque rain forest area called Jakabow, in the region of Morelia. The game focuses on the relationships between the tribes and characters as they develop. The game follows a story similar to Fire Emblem Fates, where you can choose different paths to lead, however, this game goes one step further as you can choose different ways of dealing with different scenarios, which all have different outcomes and consequences...

Another new mechanic in the game is that during conversations with other characters, you can choose different emotions to respond with, which can change how your friendships develop with other characters. Because of this, you can also have negative relationships with characters in the game now. You automatically start on a D grade friendship, and it spans from G-A*.

Of course, there will be a few new classes and weapons introduced in this game. The Shaman class returns from Sacred Stones, New classes like Seamstress, Tribalist, Illusionist, Charioteer, and the return of Witch, Necromancer, and Dread Fighter. Of course, there will also be the regular classes in the game, such as Cavalier, Knight, Paladin, Great Knight, General, Fighter, Mercenary, Outlaw, Berserker, Hero, Bow Knight, Adventurer, Wyvern Rider, Wyvern Lord, Dark Mage, Sorcerer, Troubadour, Strategist, Cleric, Mage, Dancer, Myrmidon, Thief, Apothecary, Oni Savage, Hunter, Ninja, Barbarian, Bishop, Monk and Archer.


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