Fire Emblem: Coded is a Fire Emblem game announced at Fantendo Iterum, developed by Twenty-Second Choice for the Novaya.


Hundreds of years ago the continent of Laos was ruled by the Demon King Nuovinis, until a group of warriors defeated him and sealed him away using the Fire Emblem; all that is known about the Emblem is that it is immensely powerful, but the nature of it's abilities or it's appearance are unknown and the subject of various contradicting myths throughout the continent.

In the current times, a war is occurring between the neighboring countries of Laos and Evesah; the war was sparked when the king of Evesah ordered an attack on a small town in Laos close to the Evesah border, following rumours that he had been conspiring to free Nuovinis. The king of Laos, Corian, leaves his son Rhaes and daughter Tia behind in the capital city of Laora while he personally leads the defending army at the border.


After a few months of receiving no messages from the north, Rhaes begins to grow restless. When news arrives that a small village only a short way away from the city is attacked, he jumps at the opportunity for action and decides to investigate himself with Tia; Uldeth, a retired knight and friend of their father, accompanies them to ensure they remain safe.

Upon arriving they see that the village has been ransacked by bandits; the three are joined by Inene, a healer from the village who barely escaped in time. Together, they defeat the remaining bandits and are thanked by the survivors, who head to Laora until they can reconstruct the village.


  • Avatar
  • Rhaes: The prince of Laos, and heir to the throne.
  • Tia: The princess of Laos.
  • Uldeth: A Great Knight who retired from the Laos army after a major injury.
  • Inene: A female Cleric who had served as the healer in a small village that was attacked by bandits.

Non-Playable Characters


  • SwordIconFECTomeIconFEC Tactician
  • SwordIconFECTomeIconFEC Grandmaster
  • SwordIconFEC Lord
  • SwordIconFECAxeIconFEC Great Lord
  • SwordIconFECLanceIconFEC Knight Lord
  • StaffIconFEC Cleric/Priest
  • StaffIconFECAxeIconFEC War Cleric/War Monk
  • SwordIconFECLanceIconFEC Cavalier
  • SwordIconFECLanceIconFEC Paladin
  • LanceIconFEC Knight
  • LanceIconFECAxeIconFEC General
  • SwordIconFECLanceIconFECAxeIconFEC Great Knight
  • BowIconFEC Archer
  • StoneIconFEC Manakete
  • AxeIconFEC Pirate




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