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This is a list of personal skills in Trucky's Fire Emblem.

Main Story

Icon Skill Character Effect
Prestige Acreas If enemy's strength is lower than the user, damage +4.
Battle Protector Albus When the supporting unit in attack stance, the supported unit receives -3 damage taken and +10 Hit.
Grace Antoinette When choosing to wait, allies in a 2-tile radius heal 20% of their HP.
Optimistic Aras After defeating an enemy, this unit heals back 20% of their max HP.
Lucky Arcena Skills with an activation rate dependent on the Luck stat have their rate increased by 20%
Encouraging Leader Arija All adjacent units receive Crit +5 and Hit Rate +10
Melodramatic Armanya If user's HP is not full, damage dealt +2
Tactical Guide Avery When supporting a unit in either stance, their Hit Rate +15
Morale Boost Avich Allies in a 2 tile radius deal 2 more damage.
Prayer Badri At the beginning of the turn, all adjacent allies with HP less than 50% heal 15% HP.
Hunter's Trap Bernadette If an enemy steps in the space this unit was in the turn before, the enemy loses 20% of their HP.
Support Stance Cecile If user is the support unit, lead unit's Hit rate and avoid +10.
Scholar Daphne All allies get hit rate +5 and critical avoid -5.
Warding Spell Darius When used as a rally command, Defense and Resistance +1 and Luck +3 to all allies in a 2-tile radius.
Well-Read Emilis Crit +10 when carrying 4 tomes.
Steadfast Leader Erinys All adjacent allies deal 2 more damage and receive 3 less damage.
Encouragement Fharo Allies in a 2 tile radius receive 2 less damage.
Pampered Flør When healed by a staff, Defense and Resistance +3 for one turn.
Magic Barrier Gepalt Res and Def +2 for one turn after getting hit by any magical attack.
Pick Up Gris Luck% Chance of finding 3 minerals or foodstuffs per turn until the 8th turn.
Clear Vision Haoran Enemy's evasion terrain bonuses are cancelled out and reverse when this unit initiates the attack.
Clear Mind Harvey Half damage received when at full HP.
Underestimated Ilius If fighting an enemy that the user has not fought before, then damage +3.
Deep Breathing Irving After waiting, Strength +3, Speed +4 and Skill +5 for one turn.
Ambush Jirka If the enemy cannot counterattack, damage dealt +4
Resilient Jynnan Halves the effects of debuffs.
Knife Dance Kalev At the beginning of the player's turn, enemies adjacent to Kalev receive 5 damage. Enemies with 5HP or less will be left at 1HP.
Dancing Swords Karryn If equipped with three or more swords, damage +2 and Crit +5.
Scavenge Kirsi At the start of each turn, Luck% chance of healing 30% HP.
Quick Feet Lei If the enemy triggers the battle, Speed +4 for that battle.
Supportive Leader Lester All adjacent allies receive Crit Avoid -10 and Avoid+10
Flame Wall Lugille If enemy's defense is lower than the user, damage taken -4.
Cruel Malvan If an enemy has less than 50% HP, damage dealt +4.
False Front Merilyn Hit and Avoid +15 for the first battle with any enemy.
Immunity Mhygal Unit is affected by status effects and debuffs for only as half as long.
Tender Milagros When healing a unit, the healed unit receives all stats +1 for one turn.
Collector Nantes Luck% chance of collecting non-boss enemy's equipped item after battle.
Refined Taste Norville When using a healing or status item, the effects are multiplied by 1.5x
Vengeful Oakleigh If fighting an enemy that this unit has been damaged by, Damage +4
Healing Duty Quentin When healing a unit, all other units adjacent to the user get healed by half of the amount healed as well.
Quiet Rain Other enemies prioritize other allies when attacking first.
Owl's View Rashida Increases Hit Rate by +20 and allows user to see 5 tiles more in dark/fog/blizzard/sandstorm maps.
Perseverance Renard Damage dealt +3 when unit's HP percentage is less than the enemy's.
Extrovert Rhian At the start of the player's turn, adjacent allies gain Strength, Magic & Skill +2
Money Scheme Sanders Luck/2% Chance of gaining 100-1000 gold after battle.
Reserved Skye At the start of the player's turn, adjacent gain Defense, Resistance +2 and Luck +4
Multitask Spencer Can perform another action after using a healing or stat-boosting item.
Ambition Staniel Gain double experience after beating an enemy which is a higher level than the user.
Aloof Steinar Skill% chance of shrugging off status effects and debuffs at the end of this unit's turn.
Carefree Torvald Gets healed 1.5x from a staff and the healer gets healed the same amount.
Unhinged Tyrig Random Stat +3. other random stat -2 every turn.
Determination Vanco When HP is under 40%, Damage taken -3, Damage given +3.
Narcissism Vennis Deal 2 more damage and take 1 less damage if the enemy is lower level than this unit.
Stubborn Vermella Critical Rate +30 when under a status effect.
Dutiful Pride Victoria When healing an ally, the user is gets all stats +1 for one turn.
War Song Vinaera Crit +15 when initiating a battle.
Cold Blooded Viola Attack, Magic, Speed, and Skill +4 after defeating an enemy for one turn.
Life Save Walter When user is the support unit, the lead unit has a Luck% chance of surviving a fatal attack with 1 HP
Elegance Weyka Enemies in a two-tile radius have Hit/Avoid -10 and deal 1 less damage
Competitive Wynn When the support unit, +10 Crit.
Flush Xalvei If enemy's resistance is lower than the user, damage taken -4.
Radia Yssen If enemy's magic is lower than the user, damage +4.
Shield Protector Zacharias When in Guard Stance, the Shield Gauge fills up faster.

Non-Playable Characters and Bosses

Extra Characters

DLC Characters

Second Generation

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