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This is a list of the playable units in Trucky's Fire Emblem

Name Portrait Class Description Recruitment
Acreas TruckFE Acreas Earth Manakete The stern leader of the Earth Manakete tribe, who live mainly in an isolated part of the Al Marxia desert. He is generally quite serious and does not like to joke around, but is more than happy to help others. He is part of the Manakete Council along with Xalvei, Lugille and Yssen.
  • Vlasais Ch. 34 (Turn 3)
  • Al Marxia Ch. 35 (Auto)
Albus TruckFE Albus General Albus is a well-known general in the Sacruean army. He is mostly jolly and outgoing, and is a very skilled soldier. However, since his wife died during childbirth while he was away at war, he decided to resign from the army to live peacefully with his son Esteban. He joins the Avatar's army and returns from his retirement after the Avatar convinces him that he still has loved ones to protect - his son and his village.
  • Sacrue Ch. 23 (Talk)
Antoinette TruckFE Antoinette Kotkae
Aras TruckFE Aras Pirate Aras is a pirate who makes most of his profit from raiding other pirate ships. Any excess is donated to his hometown. He is very laid back and extremely lazy, but he is very approachable and easy to get along with. He sometimes comes off as a little bit stupid and blunt, but when it comes to battle and the sea, his knowledge knows no bounds.
  • Sacrue Ch. 10 (Talk)
  • Vlasais Ch. 6 (Auto)
  • Al Marxia Ch. 6 (Talk)
Arija TruckFE Arija Lord (Bow)
Bernadette TruckFE Bernadette Archer Bernadette is a playful, energetic archer who lives in the forests of Sacrue. She is very good at hunting and is almost peerless with a bow and arrow. She can be a bit light-headed and she cannot resist cute things, however. She is always trying to get others to play games with her, as she prefers fun to doing chores.
  • Sacrue Ch. 2 (Auto)
Gris TruckFE Gris Thief Gris is a common thief who does all she can to live. Growing up in extreme poverty, she's extremely aware of her surroundings and is very good at telling people's true intentions due to living on the streets on her own. What she doesn't know is that she was separated from birth with her twin, Vermella, who was adopted into a rich family home. She is quite cheeky and likes to tease others.
  • Sacrue Ch. 3 (Talk)
  • Vlasais Ch. 5 (Talk)
  • Al Marxia Ch. 10 (Talk with Vermella)
Lester TruckFE Lester Lord (Magic)
Lugille TruckFE Lugille Fire Manakete
Quentin TruckFE Quentin Bishop
Rashida TruckFE Rashida Archer Rashida is a ranger charged with protecting the autumnal forest borders of Al Marxia on the Sacruean side. She is a no-nonsense person who is maybe a little too direct in her delivery but is very loyal if you get on her good side. Being brought up in the woods has made her very fond of nature and she prefers quiet time alone to herself than socializing.
  • Al Marxia Ch. 3 (talk)
Renard TruckFE Renard Myrmidon Renard is a nobleman who deals with the corruption of the other nobles, who won't listen to him, by going out into the open in a mask and driving off their troops who terrorize the common people in his home country of Del Sagnes. He is a bit frivolous and at times quite airheaded, but he is kind to a fault and will help anyone in need.
  • Vlasais Ch. 4 (Talk)
  • Al Marxia Ch. 4 (After Battle)
Rolanda TruckFE Rolanda Pegasus Knight Rolanda is a newly graduated Pegasus Knight from her training and is very keen on getting taken seriously. However, her vast attempts in getting noticed by her peers does the opposite, and she is seen as childish, immature and inexperienced. Once you get to know her, however, she's actually quite knowledgeable and passed well within her class.
  • Sacrue Ch. 1 (Auto)
Torvald TruckFE Torvald Musician Torvald is a well-known musician in Vlasais. He got tired of the extravagant orchestra crowd and instead wanted to travel and perform for everyday people. He prefers to use music to express himself than words, so he doesn't talk much, but after knowing him he's quite friendly, if not a little full of himself.
  • Sacrue Ch. 8 (Talk)
  • Vlasais Ch. 6 (Talk)
  • Al Marxia Ch. 8 (Talk)
Xalvei TruckFE Xalvei Water Manakete
Yssen TruckFE Yssen Wind Manakete
Zacharias TruckFE Zacharias Cavalier A young knight in the Sacruean army. He desperately wants to prove himself and seem tough to everyone else, but deep down he's quite soft. At first glance he acts quite jerkish towards others but upon closer inspection he does this to distance himself from others due to war - he would be devastated if someone he truly cared about were to die. He also has a huge affinity for small kittens and is always seen petting them and being surrounded by them.
  • Sacrue Ch.9 (Turn 2)

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